330F: A Demanding Doll

I am wracking my brain and cannot for the life of my remember the name of a book I read as a child/pre-adolescent. The premise was that there was a blonde doll who was actually “alive,” and demanded all sorts of things from the nice girl who owned her—like a car, clothes, etc. And the girl would try to explain what she could and couldn’t afford. Later I think a brown-haired doll who is nicer replaces her? I remember the hard cover of the book being a teal color and there being a photo of the blonde doll on it.

7 thoughts on “330F: A Demanding Doll

  1. This sounds like the books (it was a series I believe) that I am looking for. I read them in the late 90s. They were hard cover books with paper book covers and I remember the cover as you describe!

  2. I want to keep this one bumped: I came across a description of a book like this recently but couldn’t remember where I’d seen the query. It sounded like a good bet, but now I have to track it down again. Does the doll actually steal clothes from someone else?

  3. There was a book I read called Doll Trouble that rings a bell, looking it up on thrift books shows the author was Hellen Griffiths. I remember the doll came to life because of a magic garment and was sort of a demanding Barbie type.

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