330N: Krakatoa Survivors Stories

I read a paperback in my parent’s basement about the explosion of the volcano Krakatoa. This would have been in the late 1960s or early 1970s. Although factual, it was an easy read as if historical fiction. It described how the politicians delayed evacuating the island because there was an election coming up. It also talked about a guy put in jail who was one of the few survivors. It described the pyroclastic cloud and flow. There were a couple of other people who survived that is focused on, one a baby, I think. All I can find is Winchester’s book, which I have read. It’s so long ago, I can’t recall the title or author. Do you think you can help?

3 thoughts on “330N: Krakatoa Survivors Stories

  1. Not likely the book you are looking for but another great Eyewitness fiction is Krakatoa lighthouse by Murray bail.

  2. Some of the historical details here sounded familiar, like the glowing cloud and pyroclastic flows as well as the survivor in the jail. Only it was the 1902 eruption in Martinique rather than Krakatoa. Checking further I believe your book is Volcano Mundo published in the 70’s by Edward Dieckmann Jr. From a memorial after the author’s death – “Ed was the author of two books …”Volcano Mondo,” a re-creation of the 1902 eruption of the volcano Mont Pelee onto St. Pierre, Martinique. The book shows how both political parties and the chief newspaper there conspired to keep the people on the island to vote, even though it was obvious that the volcano would erupt.”

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