331E: Red Wagon, Romani Adventure Novel

When I was a young girl in the 70s, there was a chapter book that my mother used to read to me. This book stayed at my great grandmothers home, and we would read it when we visited. It was probably written for young adults. I think it was written before the 30’s or 40’s. All I can remember is the story was about this gypsy girl’s adventures. I remember a picture of a Romani style wagon, and the color red. I loved it, but can’t recall the title or the plot. Please help. I would love to revisit this book.

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  1. Here’s a couple you could look for – there’s not a lot of information but you can find some interior illustrations and covers for these if you google them which might jolt your memory.

    Gypsy Luck / Chelsey Kahmann (1937). Chapters include Something from nowhere — Two gorgios — The cream-colored boy — A gorgio’s house — The fire, and Gypsy dawn — A gorgio doctor — Gypsy tents and campfires — “Come and have your fortunes told” — The race — Linji spends a little money — Nareli’s glittering bracelet — Linji remembers something — “What a person has to do” — Eyes in the night — Beval.

    The same author also wrote Tara: daughter of the gypsies

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