331K: Sailor Alligator Finds Pirate Treasure

Looking for a book with black and white line art, pre 1990's. An alligator who is a sailor and wears a pea-coat (and maybe a wool hat?) has an adventure and finds a pirate treasure. There are puffins in the story that eat fish, smoke pipes, and wear wool hats.

One thought on “331K: Sailor Alligator Finds Pirate Treasure

  1. The alligator and his Uncle Tooth: a novel of the sea (1977) Geoffrey Hayes
    A shy young alligator meets his Uncle Tooth, a crusty ex-sea captain, who tells him of his many adventures at sea.

    There’s also a few more titles featuring Otto and Uncle Tooth in the ‘First stepping stone book’ and “step into reading’ series.

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