331V: Trailer History (Solved!)

I’d judge this to be from the 1990’s.  It’s a very fun and funny history of trailers (some mention of manufactured houses and tiny homes, but Trailers).  Partial-color photograph on front shows an elderly woman planting flowers in her repurposed commode, no a flowerpot, in front of her trailer.  The epilogue is, for a reason I’ve forgotten, the story of someone who watched a wolf take a piece of wool between his teeth and back slowly into a lack and submerge himself; the observer figuring the wolf knew his fleas would move to the ball of fuzz (I think lanolin was mentioned).

It is quite a read.  The public library has no memory of it, even in records.  Online there is nothing at all resembling it.  Please help!

3 thoughts on “331V: Trailer History (Solved!)

  1. Ok, screwed up; my husband has found “Cracker Ingenuity”, Elliott and Lowry, to be the book I described. Except it’s not just about trailers. Abject apologies. I still highly recommend this book of satire……

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