332Z: Exceptional Animals, “Goodness Gracious!” (Solved!)

Seeking a children’s rhyming picture book, published sometime in the last 10 – 30 years; describes major characteristics of several animals (i.e., big ears of a fenec, sharp teeth of something, big spots of leopard) using the phrase “Goodness gracious!”; ¬†final page is “Goodness gracious, what a noise . . . from girls and boys!” and it shows children¬†playing outside at recess.

2 thoughts on “332Z: Exceptional Animals, “Goodness Gracious!” (Solved!)

  1. Possibly this one? Goodness Gracious! Avelyn Davidson (1993)
    Short poems accompanied by colour photographs about strange animal characteristics, such as the elephant’s nose, the pelican’s bill, the kangaroo’s leap, and the tiger’s stripes. One of eight small books in Literacy Links Satellites Stage 4 Set A for young children.

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