333V: Limited series of choose your own ending books

I am looking for (what I recall as a grade school kid in the early 90’s) a book series where you could choose your own ending. Similar to the popular “Choose Your Own Adventure” and “Which Way” series of books. I recall there being approximately 5-7 books with purple hardback covers. For some reason, I feel like I remember my school librarian telling me, after I read all the books and wanted more, that the authors didn’t make any more of the books and that there was only 1 volume.
I know this is a long shot! But I thought I’d try! Thanks so much!

2 thoughts on “333V: Limited series of choose your own ending books

  1. It doesn’t sound familiar, but I have an idea for another place you could check.

    Demian’s Gamebook Web Page has an extensive catalog of these types of books. You could browse down the list and see if something sounds familiar.


    If the series had a sci-fi theme, it could be the Alien Adventures series. I have a couple of those, and they have purple covers, although I’ve only seen them as paperbacks.


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