334E: Argyle Socks For Birds Unravels Business Plans (Solved!)

This is an illustrated children’s book about a little Scottish boy (possibly named Angus) who makes friends with a sparrow in the winter. The boy’s family owns an argyle sock factory. The poor little sparrow is so cold outside in the winter, it sits shivering on a tree branch, switching from one foot to another in an attempt to stay warm. The little boy has the “perfect” solution to this problem: make his little bird friend a wee pair of argyle socks.

Well, the little sparrow is so chuffed about his own new cozy warm socks, he goes to the other birds in the trees to show them off. Soon, all the birds think they too should have a pair of lovely warm argyle socks, and so either the boy or the bird decides to go into the factory (full of huge spools of wool yarn), and make thousands of pairs of wee birdie socks.

In the morning, the boy’s family comes to work, but alas, there is no more yarn left for their business. They will be ruined! So, feeling bad for taking advantage of the little boy’s kindness, all the birds unravel their socks, and reassemble the giant spools of yarn. The factory is saved! Afterwards, the birds get to live in the factory rafters, where they are always warm, and don’t need socks.

The book may have originally been brought back by a relative from the UK (they’ve since passed), but it was read in Kentucky if that helps pinpoint the origin.

Thank you for your help.

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