334O: Orphans adopted by sadistic older couple (Solved!)

I read a YA series of (I believe 3 books) in the 1980's about 3 children who were orphaned and sent to live with an older couple off of the eastern US coast in a large mansion (perhaps Maine).  The children were regularly subjected to gaslighting and emotional abuse.  No adult believed them until the end of the very last book because the couple was so well regarded in the town.   There was a cliff near the house where the tide came in very quickly and that played into the books very frequently.

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  1. Almost certainly a horror trilogy by Caroline B. Cooney. They were originally released as ‘The Fog’, ‘The Snow’, and ‘The Fire’. The later reprint markets them as ‘Losing Christina’ #1 (Fog), #2 (Snow), and #3 (Fire).

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