334V: Mystery series probably published 1940-1970 (Solved!)

I do not know the name of any of the books in the series, but I can describe at least one of the covers. Our library had 4 books but there may have been more. All of the books had a deep purple cover. One had a mansion or haunted house on top of a hill or cliff. For some reason murder mansion, Whispering Hill, sticks in my head. I believe there were 2 or 3 kids and one had an odd name. Definitely not the more prolific series, Three Investigators, Hardy Boys, etc. The books were hardcover and not very thick, 70-80 pages and meant for grades 3-6. I hope you can find the series I am looking for.

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  1. Back when the Hardy Boys hardcovers were blue and the Nancy Drew ones were yellow, the Bobbsey Twins ones were purple.

    The House on the Cliff is actually the second Hardy Boys mystery.

  2. The only series I can remember that always had purple spines was the Bobbsey Twins, like the person above said, although the haunted mansion on a hill doesn’t sound like one of their mysteries. It might be a lesser-known series or one that’s changed its cover art. Do you remember if the kids in the story were boys or girls or some combination of boys and girls?

  3. These sound like the Morgan Bay Mysteries by John and Nancy Rambeau, an 8 book series

    Mystery of Morgan Castle
    Mystery of the Marble Angel
    Mystery of the Midnight Visitor
    Mystery of the Missing Marlin
    Mystery of the Musical Ghost
    Mystery of Monk’s Island
    Mystery of the Marauder’s Gold

  4. I am not the original poster but I’ve been trying to find a book I remember reading in school decades ago & it sure sounds like what I remember was a Morgan Bay mystery!! The book I remember was a mystery, was thin & hardcover, & everything (cover & illustrations) was purple-ish. I loved the book but have never had even the faintest lead – until now! Thank you so much for solving my mystery!!!

    • I am the original poster and I think the is the book. Our library only had 4 in the series. I read it in the early 70’s

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