336F: Children Find Fine Art

This was a 90’s children’s mystery novel that I read as a 3rd or 4th grader in 1996 or so. It was an un-illustrated chapter book. I can’t remember much else about the plot other than the characters were sorting out someone’s estate and found a very fine piece of stained glass art (lamp, vase or pitcher perhaps). The author did an excellent job describing the art – that’s what all my friends and I loved about the book. I also remember at the end of the book they are able to see all of the other pieces of the art collection that belonged with it.

2 thoughts on “336F: Children Find Fine Art

  1. I was going to suggest E. L. Konigsburg’s “The Mysterious Edge of the Heroic World,” but the significant piece of art in that is a painting, not stained glass. Still, I’ll throw it out there just in case.

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