337F: Search and Find Book with Modern Items in Ancient Times

I am looking for a Search and Find book that my daughter-in-law had when she was little (she is now 23).  The book had pictures of ancient Egypt, possibly Rome etc. and you had to search and find the items that didn’t belong.  For example – someone wearing a wrist watch or carrying a modern ladder in ancient times.
There may have been a time travel mistake or something like that.

2 thoughts on “337F: Search and Find Book with Modern Items in Ancient Times

  1. There is probably more than one book that fits this description, but one of the Usborne Puzzle Journeys books fits the bill: Usborne Puzzle Journey Through Time. It was published around 1995.

    There is a time travel plot involving two children – Matt and Lou – catching a female crook who is stealing authentic artefacts and replacing them with modern items. Egypt and Rome definitely feature.

  2. Thank you Kirsten Donaldson Wheal – I have been looking for this book for years! If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it’s the Pyramid Plot by Justin Somper.

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