337U: Young cat fights the ocean (Solved!)

A tiger or lion cub fights the ocean and makes it retreat, but it was only the tide going out. This might be a folktale or fable in a child's anthology or scholastic services book circa 1965-69. Young protagonist may have had elevated opinion of self.

5 thoughts on “337U: Young cat fights the ocean (Solved!)

  1. Also, I believe it was an illustrated story, perhaps a picture book. It may also have had an Asian cultural flavor.

  2. I also think this story was presented with pictures in a picture book and may have had hints of Asian culture or influence.

  3. I also think this story was in an illustrated picture book. I seem to remember blue and gray ink drawings of the cub assailing the waves and swiping at them with its claws. I feel like there may have been an Asian character to the drawings.

  4. i finally think i found the story in the Childcraft collection cica 1960, volume 2. It”s called the story of Kattor by Georgia Travers.

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