339T: Dog and Owner Similarities (Solved!)

I have a very fond memory of a book I had as a child where the owners of their dogs looked like their actual dogs. Example: scruffy hair, unkempt, curly hair.

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    • I have discovered it is Best In Show by Fred Glynne. Published 1958.

      I found one copy on Amazon for $500.00. Does anybody have any suggestions where I might search for this book? Thank you

  1. Does anyone know where I can purchase this book? I found one copy from Amazon for $500.00

    Best in Show by Fred Gwynne published 1958

    • No that is not accurate. The original was Best In Show by Fred Gwynne published by Dutton in 1958. It was then republished in 1993 with color illustration and retitled Easy To See Why by Fred Gwynne

  2. Yes, I discovered that after I posted to you. Never knew it had been published with a different title earlier. Even the remade one is out of print and is $35 at last check. Worked at Simon and Schuster when they published it in 1993.

  3. Oh wow. That is cool. I did contact the seller directly who runs a small book store in Providence Rhode Island to ask about a discounted rate without the middle man, Amazon. they offered $450.00 instead of $500.00

    I was a little surprised it wasn’t discounted a bit more and in particular within this climate. I will keep searching. Do keep me posted if you locate this elsewhere. Thank you so much for your help.

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