340F: Outdoor Toys and Playsets

I am hoping you can help find a book for me. It is a book about outdoor toys and playsets. It is a large size book with a couple of pictures on the book cover. The main picture I remember is of a young boy sitting in a wooden old time looking brass era car on the left side of the cover.The body was green and the hood was made of a galvanized steel trash can, maybe chrome. In the background, I believe there was a yellow covered sandbox with a couple of kids playing in it. In the foreground on the right, there was a kid on a pair of tin can stilts. The title was above. The background was white with a red border, maybe green. Most of the book cover I believe was green with the white background main pic on the front. The contents of the book involved plans for and pictures of various outdoor toys and playsets. I believe it may have been published by Better Homes and Garden, but it could have also been published by Popular Mechanics, Home Mechanix, Mechanics Illustrated, Readers Digest, Southern Living, Blizzard’s or any sort of DIY or home repair/decorating magazine or book series. I believe the book was published in the 80’s. It was a pretty good size book, maybe 14 inches tall, 9 inches wide and decent number of pages but not super thick. Probably less than 200 pages. I am including a rough drawing of what I remember it looking like. Thank you for any and all help.

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  1. There is a Blizzard’s Outdoor Toys, and it looks like it had different cover photos in different editions, but I don’t see the trash can car or tin can stilts you describe. Google it and see if it rings a bell?

  2. That looks like a cool book and similar in content to the one I am looking for. I may try to get it too. Unfortunately , it is not the book I am looking for. I appreciate your help though. Thanks.

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