341A: Boy Lost In Fog

I can’t remember much about “BOY LOST IN FOG” (not the actual title), but what I can remember (or what I think/believe I remember) is:
  • it is a children’s picture book, written in English, with black and white illustrations
  • I read, or the book was read to me between 1980 and 1988, no clue as to the publishing date
  • there is something in there about a small boy leaving home, perhaps on his own
  • there might be something about him being on or following the sidewalk
  • there is something about fog, or getting lost in thick fog temporarily – this is the main thing I remember
  • there might be something in there about encountering a stranger in the fog, or someone who helps or scares him
  • there might be something about a lighthouse

2 thoughts on “341A: Boy Lost In Fog

  1. It made me think of Dr Merlin’s Magic Shop by Scott Corbett. When Nick takes his dog for a walk in the fog, he sees a new magic store and encounters the evil Dr Merlin. And there’s a sequel, The Great Custard Pie Panic. The illustrations and plot were pretty memorable, and no lighthouse, so probably not what you’re looking for.

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