341U: Similar to the princess and the frog

When I was quite small, I remember having a favorite fantasy book along the lines of the princess and the frog, but I can never seem to remember more than a few details. I’ve tried really hard to find it, but no one in my family even remembers the book aside from me...

What I can remember is this:

- Two people are turned into frogs

- There’s a witch that captures them

- When they escape, they steal a vial of dragon's breath that is used later for a spell I mostly forget... I think it’s used to turn either them or the otter human again? Or to trade for something?

- There’s a magical bracelet which they both must put an arm in to be returned to being human

- There’s an otter, who once was human, who gets them the bracelet because the woman (possibly fairy?) that was keeping it was once his lover before he was turned by the same witch from before

- I believe at one point someone pretends to be a fairy, and that fairy finds out and gets offended?

And that’s mostly all I can remember, aside from the scenery I imagined along with the story as a kid. I’ve been searching for around 5 years now and would LOVE to get to read it again!!

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  1. This is The Frog Princess by E.D. Baker- the first in a series of books about Princess Emma (short for Esmeralda) and Prince Eadric. Emma doesn’t want to marry Prince Jorge so runs away to the swamp where Eadric, who’s been turned into a frog convinces her to kiss him to break the spell. Instead, she also turns into a frog due to wearing a curse-reversal bracelet given to her by her aunt Grassina, the green witch. The otter who steals the bracelet was Grassina’s old beau.

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