342K: White Horse Turns Pink After Eating Strawberries (Solved!)

As a child in the 1940’s I had a picture book about a white horse who loved strawberries but was allergic to them and turned pink when he ate them.  I do not remember the title or the author, but I do recollect a blue cover with a picture of a white (maybe pink horse).  I’d love to see that book again, or at least learn something about it.

2 thoughts on “342K: White Horse Turns Pink After Eating Strawberries (Solved!)

  1. This is Parsley the Horse by Dorothea Filosa (1940) Garden City Publishing Co.

    Parsley behaves as a well brought up lady horse should, but whenever something pink is in sight, she gets scatterbrained.

  2. Melissa,
    Thank you!. I was able to find a copy of the book online. The cover was as I remembered – the blue cover exactly the shade and style that has stayed with me all these years. I’ve ordered the book and am looking forward to getting reacquainted.
    I am so grateful to you for responding to my query.

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