343C: Picture Book Where Girl builds a Necklace from Natural Objects (It’s in a Foreign Language but perhaps an English version Exists)

I’m fairly certain the illustrations are collage from painted paper, but it may just be a painting. The girl has either red hair or brown hair, she is naked. She is making a necklace with different items. She gets a gemstone or crystal in a cave. I believe she also collects a pebble, seashell and acorn but I’m not certain on those. I do not know what language the writing is in. I think it was likely German but maybe Swedish or Norwegian something Slavic or Germanic. I think that maybe fairies or gnomes give her the gemstone but that may be just something we made up since we didn’t speak the language. The things I’m certain of are is she goes into a cave, she is naked at least at some point and she is making a necklace.

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