343K: Jojo the Monkey

I am trying to track down a children’s book I had growing up in the late 70s/early 80s. It was a hardcover book (I think it was green) and it was entitled something like “The Adventures of Jojo.” The book had a lot of illustrations and featured a little monkey called Jojo. i used to LOVE the book, but can’t seem to find any info anywhere. Please help.

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    1. rayna

      thanks so much for your reply, but upon researching “monkey island,” i don’t think that’s it. i’m pretty sure the title has “jojo” in it. if you have other suggestions, i’d really appreciate it.

      1. Todd

        Hi there. I think we might be looking for the same information. I still have my copy of my JoJo book, but it’s in pretty bad condition…missing the cover (which was a sort of light green, if I recall correctly) and the endpages, so I don’t know the book’s title or the author’s name, unfortunately. In any case, it’s very much in the vein of Richard Scarry in that there are lots of labels in the illustrations to identify people, animals, and objects. Jojo the monkey appears in the book in various guises…at a museum, at his house, taking photographs at a city park, and so on. Sound familiar?

          1. Jojo

            Hi! Did anyone discover the name of this book? I believe my family is in search of the same book as described..

        1. Malcolm Aschebrook

          I am also on search of this book. It is very much like you described being like a Richard Scarry book. Though my book was new when I was young, early 80’s. I would give almost anything to be able to find a copy, I wish I had the title or author. I know there was a poem in it called “The Everything Tree” as well as Rhyme Time, and The Sillies with Silly Millie and Silly Billy.


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