343Y: Nonfiction book about two women who exchange lives and husbands (Solved!)

The author was Miriam/Mimi Keiffer/Kieffer/Kiefer?, probably published in the early 80s, paperback. Mimi and another woman traded lives and husbands for a short time; it didn’t turn out well. Miriam or Mimi worked in administration at a university in New York.

4 thoughts on “343Y: Nonfiction book about two women who exchange lives and husbands (Solved!)

  1. Could this be “The Life Swap” by Nancy Weber?? It was published in 1974. The author swapped lives, (including partners/husbands) with Micki Wrangler (a pseudonym) who was a college professor. Lots of information out there on this book, which became almost a “cult classic.”

  2. Long shot, but since there’s a bit of overlap in the names and location: the case I’m thinking of is that of Marilyn Peterson and Susanne Kekich, both married to pitchers for the New York Yankees, who swapped lives in the early-to-mid-1970s. I don’t know if either of them ever wrote about it, but the results were…lopsided. Mike Kekich and Marilyn soon parted, but Fritz Peterson and Susanne adored each other and last I checked were still married.

    • Yes, it must be! I’m 80 and my memory is really bad. I thought it was the other person who wrote the book. I guess I’ve outed her with her real name now; I didn’t mean to. Thank you so much!!

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