345Z: Teen paperback series about pioneer girl

I read this probably 30+ years ago. It was a short series—3 or 4 books–normal sized paperbacks, not very thick, in the teen section of the library. I believe they were shelved in the last part of the alphabet, so the author’s last name will begin with something further along than M. I have a feeling that the name Sherwood was part of the author’s name, but I think it was the first name, not the last one, and I could be totally imagining that detail.

The one I remember best follows a early teen or tween girl who has been growing up as a tomboy in the West. Her mother is distressed at the rough behavior the girl has picked up from playing with her brothers and not being exposed to the more refined aspects of life. The girl is sent back east to spend an extended amount of time with relatives who are going to teach her to be “a lady”. I’m pretty sure she gets put into corsets, and there is a scene in which what sounds like some sort of torture device is used to “cure” her pigeon-toed gait. Her schooling appears to be focused on things like posture, and dancing and etiquette, and have almost no academic content. The girl is miserable and although I don’t remember how/why, she returns to her family in the west after a few months, instead of a few years as had been originally planned and there is a scene where as part of a dare from her brothers she walks the ridgepole of one of their buildings, and afterwards declares that all that fuss about posture and grace, and the “ladylike” way to walk was good for something since she won the dare.

I don’t remember if the other books in the series are about the same characters, or if they are about different people but set in the same time period/location.

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    • I thought I already left this reply, but it isn’t showing up now that I’ve returned to the page, so if this is a duplicate, my apologies.

      I recall (vaguely) reading Caddie Woodlawn as a child, but I don’t think she got sent away from her parents and siblings to be “educated”. Admittedly, I only remember Caddie vaguely, so I will try to get my hands on a copy of it to re-read and confirm.

  1. I do vaguely recall reading Caddie Woodlawn, and yes, now you bring it back to mind, there are definite similarities. However, I don’t think Caddie was sent away from her family. However, I will try to get my hands on a copy of Caddie to re-read and double check.

  2. I don’t know what series this is, but it is not Caddie Woodlawn. Caddie’s father allows her to run wild with her brothers, over her mother’s objections. She is not sent away to relatives.

    The ridgepole scene is reminiscent of Anne of Green Gables, but the rest doesn’t fit.

  3. While there are some similarities, I just re-read Caddie Woodlawn, and it is definitely NOT the one I am looking for.

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