349U: Specific Edition Flower Fairies of the Garden

I am looking for the specific edition of a book I read repeatedly as a child. It was a Cicely Mary Barker book, pretty sure it was Flower Fairies of the Garden. It was a small book, with a mostly white cover. I’m not sure the cover illustration. It had to have been published before 1992. It might have been part of a set. The first poem in the book was The Forget-me-not Fairy that begins something like “Where do fairy babies lie/til they’re old enough to fly/here’s a likely place I think/midst these flowers blue and pink”. Other fairies in this edition included Scilla, Geranium, and Sweet Pea. I have purchased at least five different printings of this book, and none has included the forget-me-not fairy. Can you help?

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