351R: Doll Runs Doll Hospital (Solved!)

– published in 70s-80s, not that old

– cover was a cool tone color?

– girl doll runs hospital where she takes care of all the toys, she is in charge but they are all friends
– there is a china doll that comes in which is sick and running a fever
– all dolls/stuffed animals belong to girl who is terminally ill, she is involved sometimes but the point of view is from the toys’ perspective, maybe 3rd person
– there is a bunny or bear of some sort
– some animals have to have surgery, be patched up/sewn back together
– they are in a closet or something, there are beds where all the patients are
Any help would be great.

7 thoughts on “351R: Doll Runs Doll Hospital (Solved!)

  1. Great suggestions, but neither of those are right, based mostly on the cover photo and descriptions. I should also add that I remember this is a children’s chapter book.

    • This is it! Thanks! I could already tell just by the cover, but after reading the summary, this is definitely the book I am looking for! Makes sense why I couldn’t find it because it doesn’t really come up much in searches and there is another newer book tiled the Doll Hospital. Now to find a way to get a copy so I can reread it. Thank You!

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