354U: Farm Town Gradually Turns Into City

I don’t know the title of this book, I had it as a child. It was a picture book that depicted a city (I believe American) as it changed through the decades. It started as a farm town and then buildings continued to be added. It had a similar feel as Annos counting book. I hope you can help me with the name, I’ve been searching¬†for it for years.

4 thoughts on “354U: Farm Town Gradually Turns Into City

  1. Most llikely The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. But there’s a similar Australian title by Jeanne Baker. (I can’t rembeber the title though.)

  2. Though I don’t recall the author or title, I saw a similar book in a London bookstore some decades ago, too. You wouldn’t have confused it with an American city as the central feature was a castle and later a medieval cathedral, eventually surrounded by the buildup of modern life.

  3. I own two books that might fit this description. They’re from 2001 & 2002 and are part of a series called “Fast Forward”. One is “Wild West” and the other is “The Story Of A City.” They were published by Orpheus Books.

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