362I: Kids Solve Location of Missing Treasure

I am trying to locate a book that I read many times in the late 1970s. (I was in late elementary school.) I probably ordered the book through school and the Scholastic Reader book order program.
The book was a mystery that took place in the west (maybe Arizona?) and the kids solved it when at a certain time of day or year shadows appeared and marked an “x” where the treasure or the entrance to the treasure was located. I seem to recall the words “canyon” “shadow” or “gold” were in the title. It was a paperback with a blue cover and gold writing. It wasn’t a series or Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys.

3 thoughts on “362I: Kids Solve Location of Missing Treasure

  1. I think Ghost Town Treasure too. There’s something about an old letter, partial or smudge, and kids reading “gold in the cave” when the writer had written only “cold in the cave.”

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