367B: Animal Shelter Book

Looking for 70’s Scholastic (?)? paperback. A dad is forced to take a job at a kill shelter, needs the money. The kids find homes for animals, and they shut down the cremation building where smoke billows out In a country type place. They are happy. Maybe 2-3 grade level book. Approx year read ‘76 but could be classroom book and older.

1 thought on “367B: Animal Shelter Book

  1. Shawn

    I am the OP- The name might have been the name of the shelter or the building. It seems to me they kept mentioning the black smoke coming out of this chimney where the animals were cremated, which is pretty gruesome, but I noticed they came out with a new edition of the Old Cat and the kitten, which really depressed me as a kid, so maybe someone still knows it? Tha hs again.


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