368F: A kind man and his dancing bear (Solved!)

A book I read to my daughter in the 70s about a man (Russian?) who had a (Russian?) dancing bear. The man had 3 unique things about him: (1) he could juggle 3(?) balls, (2) he was kind, and (3) can’t remember the third.

Book is in English and short enough for a child’s attention.

5 thoughts on “368F: A kind man and his dancing bear (Solved!)

  1. Gill

    “The Bear and the People” by Reiner Zimnik

    The three things were: speaking the language of the bear; kindness, and juggling seven balls.

    Originally in german, english translation published 1971

  2. MamaSquirrel

    The Bear and the People, by Reiner Zimnik. The man was kind and he could juggle seven balls. The third thing was that he could understand the language of bears.


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