369N: Young Girl Makes it Through the Storm

Looking for a book w/ very little info. It was a novel my 5th grade teacher read to the class in 1984 or 1985. All I know is the title was “Alee” (or contained that word) and the cover was a drawing of a girl walking in strong wind. I remember it was about a young girl making it on her own and there was a storm and tumbleweeds. It would have been a children’s or young adults book. Sorry – I know that’s not much to go on.

3 thoughts on “369N: Young Girl Makes it Through the Storm

  1. Margaret Mayfield

    A “lee” is a shelter from the wind/storm, so it’s possible that is two words ” a lee” instead of one word, ” alee”. I will help search, it sounds like an interesting book.

  2. KellyW

    Probably not it at all…but in the book The Lions Paw by Robb White, the boat is called the Hard A Lee. It does have a girl and a storm, but there’s much more to the book. Still…


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