Q: Why the $4 fee?

A:  This nominal fee helps to the keep the service alive, even if you’re not actually purchasing a book.  We also encourage you to do your own research before posting your query (check out the Tips page).  If your book stumper is solved and Loganberry Books can find you a copy, your $4 stumper fee is deductible from the purchase price of the book (woot!).

Q: Does this mean that my Stumper is guaranteed to be solved?

A: No, There’s no guarantee that your Stumper will be solved.  The fee is for posting your Book Stumper on the site, not for finding the book.  But your search will remain on site for as long as we are running the site.  We encourage you to reply to comments or to confirm when a suggestion is correct.  We also conduct worldwide book searches, so if you want us to find the book for you, we’d be happy to send you a non-obligatory quote.  Just send us an email at books@loganberrybooks.com or fill out our basic book search form: http://www.loganberrybooks.com/searchform.html

Q: How do the comments work?

A: With this new format, the comments allow people to reply directly with their suggestions and even further questions.  Although this allows for quicker responses, rest assured comments are moderated and have to be approved before they are posted.  Please keep this a friendly and book-loving site!  Only informational links will be accepted, as links to books for sale will become obsolete quickly.

Q: I forgot or couldn’t find the notes/comments box when I submitted my payment via PayPal. Where should I send my Stumper description?

A: Just send us an email at stump@logan.com letting us know you already submitted a payment via PayPal and include your description there.

Q: My Stumper description is too long for the PayPal notes/comments box. What should I do?

A: That’s okay, just email us with your Stumper description at stump@logan.com . Also it would be helpful to leave a message in the comments box on PayPal at least letting us know the titles of the Stumpers.

8 thoughts on “FAQS

  1. Hi!

    I left a Stump the Bookseller question in 2008 (S579) and I finally figured out the answer! I wasn’t sure how to mark that the question had been solved. Anyway, the book I was looking for is called “The Outcasts” by Daniel Pratt Mannix.



  2. Hey, my post 207A is listed as 2-7th grade or 2-6 or some such and it’s not really in that area. It could be ya but it’s really adult-ish. If you don’t mind can you change that or move it or something. AND since it’s not been solved do I send another $4 and get it bumped to the front of the list again. I really am so annoyed that I can’t find it!!! Thanks very much. Regards, Andrea

  3. I read a story about two brothers who went on vacations together and killed a woman each time and then bought souvenir t-shirts they wore as mementos. I think one murder was in Las Vegas.

    All I remember is that it was a short story.


  4. I submitted a “Stump the Bookseller” question on March 15, 2011. My number is C720. It was never solved that I know of, but now I can’t find my question in your archives, which only seem to go back to 2013. Can you help me figure out where to find my original stumper? Thanks!

  5. I don’t have a solution to T163-Tapestry Traps Girl, but a post there helped me find what I was looking for–a story about a girl who stitches her own likeness into a tapestry and disappears into it to escape an arranged marriage. I found some old Children’s Digest Magazines on e-bay, and the story entitled “The Magical Tapestry” was in the may 1971 issue. It was originally published in 1949 in a book of short stories entitled “The Mermaid and the Simpleton” by Barbara Leonie Picard, with the original title of “Little Lady Margaret”. Thanks for helping me solve a long-standing mystery!

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