333W: A Ducky Fairy Tale

Looking for a fairy tale that was last read in the 1960's, story of a duck who goes to the north, south, east, and west winds and pleads for them not to freeze his pond for the winter. The duck swims and swims to keep his pond from freezing, not sure how the tale ends. It was in a collection of Scandinavian fairy tales.

325H: Boy And Duck Are Best Friends

There’s a little boy and his best friend, a duck. They play together every day, and then one day, the little boy is nowhere to be found. The duck looks in the house, at the pond, and everywhere he can think of. He’s very sad when he can’t find the little boy, but then the little boy comes home and tells the duck he had been at school. I believe the illustrations were in a watercolor-like style. This book was read to me frequently as a child; I have few clear memories of it, and my parents don’t remember any details, including title, author, or publication year.