329T: Medieval Adventures In The Forest – A Jester, A Shared Dream

This is a book that I started reading in 5th grade, but never finished. It must have been published in 1972 or earlier. It was wildly popular in my school library.

It was set in the Middle Ages, I think. One of the main characters was a court jester. The setting was very pastoral. Many scenes take place in a forest. There was also a situation in which several people were dreaming the same dream.

This has been haunting me for a long time. Would love  to find and finish this book. Thank you!

328U: 60s-70s time-travel medieval fantasy, siblings, beautiful illustrations

I checked this book out multiple times from our public library. Author’s name must begin with Bu-Ea based on shelf location (preceded Eager; after Burnett), is not Ruth Chew after reviewing her catalog. Previous helpful respondents from other attempted search sites have suggested A Walk in Wolf Wood (Mary Stewart) or Walk out of the World (Ruth Nichols), which are lovely and similar, but incorrect (my lovely childhood public librarians were not illiterate enough to repeatedly mis-shelve this book, and my memory is solid about where it was located on the shelves).

This is a beautifully illustrated, middle-reader American (I think) fantasy book about a brother/sister or possibly male/female friends who somehow stumbled from their somewhat urban home/apartment building into a medieval setting when coming home from school one day in the woods near their home.

Sister ends up spending time with women from the group (I remember some looming?) and brother with the men (possibly becoming a page/squire?) There is maybe a joust, some magic or Merlin-y magician, the illustrations were very lovely with lots of woods/trees. Cover art and some interior pen+ink drawings reminded me of the cover to the film adaptation of Camelot.

I was born in 1970 and was a very early and voracious reader, so this book cannot have been published much later than 1976; my guess (contextually) is that it’s most-likely a little earlier than that.

Many thanks!!

320K: Medieval Girl Returns To Family, Wants To Belong

I’m searching for a book that I read in the summer of 1993 or 1994.  I believe it was set in medieval times (the family lives in a castle).  The book was very new at the time—I think I was the first to check it out (I miss stamping due dates)!

It begins with a fair haired and fair skinned girl returning to her biological family (refined family with fair hair) after returning from being raised by a rival family (a rougher family with dark hair).  She had been traded and her family had raised their son, who had died.  So, she was returned.

She’s spent her life feeling like she doesn’t belong and is now finding her place and adjusting to life back with her family.  She still feels like she doesn’t belong.

She has siblings—a beautiful sister & brother who are fraternal twins—and 1-2 more children.  There is a smallpox outbreak and her sister’s face is scarred.