336O: The Last Unicorn (Solved!)

I feel as though the title of the book may have been along the lines of “The Last Unicorn” – but that book that comes up in my internet searches is not the correct book.  (The over 50 year old book that was made into a movie about the unicorn looking for more of her own kind is not the correct book.)

This novel was about a little girl that travels via carriage to an unknown family member’s home.  She passes through a gate of high walls.  There is a mysterious gate keeper who I believe turns out to be her grandmother who is very youthful and is a main character in the book.  There are geraniums at the home she ends up at and it is revealed later that the woman she interacts with is actually her grandmother…?  I’m unsure about all of this.  And there is a unicorn that she sees on a late night foray into the forest.  I believe she and a boy save it from destruction but all of my memory about this is foggy although I’m sure I read it many times.  I had a tendency to re-read books like this over and over and I’ll be very disappointed if I’m mixing plots.

225B: Unicorn picture book, black and white drawings, no text (Solved)

Unicorn picture book, black and white drawings, no text
My kindergarten library had this book in 1985, and it did not look new. It was a red hardcover that was much thicker than other children’s books. I think the title included the word “horse” or “unicorn.” The story was about a little girl who finds and then hides a white long-legged foal that develops wings and a horn, but there was no text; the entire story was told in detail with lovely black and white pencil or charcoal illustrations. I remember it being relatively sad, with the unicorn flying away/escaping in the end.

I wish I remembered more! I’ve checked my kindergarten’s digital library catalog with no success, as well as other online catalogs, but there are so many unicorn and horse books out there!

Thank you!