340O: Incredible Sunday? (Solved!)

This is a YA book from, I believe, the 80s. It’s about a preteen (named Sunday or Sundae) whose mother gets her an agent, so she can audition for TV commercials. I remember that her signature look is a French braid or two braids? She has some difficult auditions including one for peanut butter where she has to do a cartwheel,  and the directors loudly discuss how awkward she is in front of all the other girls. She eventually makes a friend who is a young actress who is obsessed with Virginia Woolf’s suicide,  and eventually she finds the friend by the ocean wearing a raincoat stuffed with rocks contemplating suicide. I think the book was called Incredible Sunday, but I haven’t been able to find it under that name.
Thanks so much!

340N: Fairy Tale Anthology, Blue Cloth Cover, 12 Dancing Princesses

I had a collection of fairytales in 1990-1995, though it may have been published prior to that (c. 1980-90).  It had a royal/dark blue cloth cover with a small, embossed-gold pegasus in the center of the cover (possibly with children riding the pegasus).

The collection was rather thick (perhaps a half inch) and contained at least 20 stories.  Each story was illustrated with at least one color illustration on each page (some small alongside the text and some full page). There were different illustrators throughout.  The text was regular-sized font.

I specifically remember these stories, though there were more (I’ve listed the more rare first):

  • The Twelve Dancing Princesses (I specifically remember the exquisite illustrations of the prince breaking off a branch of the silver tree)
  • The Snow Queen (illustrations of Kay and Gerta with the penny on the window, the snow queen in her carriage driving away, the garden of flowers Gerta visits, and her red shoes)
  • The Water Babies
  • The Little Match Girl
  • Cinderella
  • Rapunzel (an incredible full-page illustration of the witch’s garden)
  • The Sleeping Beauty (illustrations of thickets of thorns, sleeping kitchen maids)
  • Rumpelstiltskin
  • The Frog Prince
  • Hansel and Gretel
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • There may have been some Aesop’s fables as well, but there my memory gets hazy.
Thank you for your assistance in finding this book!

340L: The Woman Who Can See Killers In Photographs

This is the plot of the book.  In the story a woman has to go to her brother’s town because he is murdered.  She finds out that she has a special gift in that when she looks at photographs she can see a killer.  She can also see how the killer will kill someone.  Her brother had this gift and was killed because of it.  She meets a woman (can’t remember if this woman was a police officer or some kind of specialist) who believes in her gift.  Later this woman who helps her is killed along with the rest of her family.  Later a man who I think is some kind of specialist who knows about this gift meets her and helps her.  He is trying to find other people who have this gift.  He asks her to look at a photograph and she sees a killer and is able to tell him that this killer will I think plant a bomb somewhere.  At the end it seems like this man is killed but he survives and is rushed back to his home which I think is in another country.  The woman is not told that this man has survived.

I cannot remember the title or author of this book.  I want to read any sequels that are written.

I hope you are able to help me.

340J: Young Man from South Africa Travels to Botswana to Escape Apartheid

A few years ago I read a book about a young man from South Africa during apartheid who would risk his life to travel back and forth over the northern border to Botswana.

He travels to Botswana and becomes a gardener for a woman who lives alone.  He is black and she is white.

I read the book within the last 10 years and it has stayed with me.  I don’t remember the name or the author, but I think this would be a good book for my book group to read.

340I: Girl Wakes Up Inside Dollhouse

I read this book in 1995 from a middle school book fair. It was a children’s/young adult book. The cover had an evil doll with brown hair and looked like the doll was bursting through the cover. I remember the main character was a girl probably 10-12 years old. There was something about a dollhouse and waking up inside the dollhouse. Maybe she and her family had just moved to a new house? There was a part where the main character begins to realize she is inside the dollhouse because she finds a wide tooth comb and describes it as very large like someone would use if they had dreadlocks. Why I specifically remember that, no idea. I managed to lose the book over the years but it was a nostalgic favorite of mine. Hopefully you can help.

340H: Quakers, Spelling, and Psalm 46:4

I have never actually read this book.  I’m looking for a book that my mom read as a child and could never find again.
She said it was in her school library, so to be generous, she probably read it sometime between 1964 and 1978.  She didn’t remember if it was new when she read it. 
She said it was children’s historical fiction which took place in Cromwell’s England, so 17th century. She was pretty sure it involved either Quakers or Puritans, but she leaned toward Quakers. A running theme through the book was Psalm 46:4, “There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God.”

The main characters were a boy and a girl. At one point they were on the street, although I’m not sure if they were homeless or on the run. My mom said she learned a lot about street children from that time period. The girl apparently was educated enough to know how words should be spelled, but the boy thought words should be spelled however made sense to that particular person.

Sorry, I know this is pretty vague. I hope it’s enough. If anyone has any idea of what the title and author of this book could be, I would appreciate it.

340F: Outdoor Toys and Playsets

I am hoping you can help find a book for me. It is a book about outdoor toys and playsets. It is a large size book with a couple of pictures on the book cover. The main picture I remember is of a young boy sitting in a wooden old time looking brass era car on the left side of the cover.The body was green and the hood was made of a galvanized steel trash can, maybe chrome. In the background, I believe there was a yellow covered sandbox with a couple of kids playing in it. In the foreground on the right, there was a kid on a pair of tin can stilts. The title was above. The background was white with a red border, maybe green. Most of the book cover I believe was green with the white background main pic on the front. The contents of the book involved plans for and pictures of various outdoor toys and playsets. I believe it may have been published by Better Homes and Garden, but it could have also been published by Popular Mechanics, Home Mechanix, Mechanics Illustrated, Readers Digest, Southern Living, Blizzard’s or any sort of DIY or home repair/decorating magazine or book series. I believe the book was published in the 80’s. It was a pretty good size book, maybe 14 inches tall, 9 inches wide and decent number of pages but not super thick. Probably less than 200 pages. I am including a rough drawing of what I remember it looking like. Thank you for any and all help.

340E: Girl moves to beach town (Solved!)

It's a book about a teenage girl who meets an anonymous boy online. They become close and she happens to move to where he lives without telling him. She moves to the beach town with her dad (I think her mom died and was a surfer). She starts working at a museum with a boy she doesn't like but things start to click and she begins to wonder if he's the mystery online boy. She had never told him that she moved to his hometown. She wanted to figure out who he was before revealing herself.