301T: It appears to be about service vehicles

Looking for a children’s book which my mom read to me so many times that she memorized the verses below. The time frame could be anywhere from the early 80’s back to the 40’s. “When a cement truck travels, it mixes water, sand and gravel. When it’s travels are complete, it’s full of freshly made concrete. ” “When someone’s in trouble, the police get a call. The police car can get there in no time at all. It’s flashing lights and siren say, ‘I’m in a hurry. Get out of the way!'” It appears to be about service vehicles. I’ve tried Google searches but came up with nothing. Any help is greatly appreciated!

301S: Five O’Clock Charlie doesn’t seem right

A YA book like Beautiful Joe but is the story of an abused horse. The horse’s name may be Charlie. Looked up Five o’ clock Charlie but it doesn’t seem right, seems too happy (is there anything about him being abused by a first owner?). I can’t give any more detail as I never read it. I want to buy it as a present for a friend who read it as a child, he’s in his mid 40s.

301Q: Choosing a bear (Solved)

Looking for a children’s picture book, possibly published between 1970 and 1990.

The book is about a child going into a store (I think) to choose a bear. There are many to choose from which we are introduced to on the following pages, groom bear, bride bear, stinky bear, sleepy bear, etc.

In the end the child is asked “which one will you choose?” and his/her choice.

301P: A boy makes a “Dagwood” style sandwich (Solved)

1960s children’s picture book about a boy making a tall, stacked “Dagwood” style sandwich.  The text is minimal – “a little of this, a bit of that, and some bread”. There is a girl (sister?) watching him in amusement. The focus is on the entertaining parade of sandwich ingrediants. The pictures are not full color and are sketchy and “modern” in feel.  As a kid this book made me want to make sandwiches every time I read it!

301O: Reader textbook with story about tree house

I am looking for a textbook-style reader (in the same style as “Dick and Jane” or “Alice and Jerry” books, maybe for 2nd/3rd grade, with a story/chapter about a girl whose father builds her a playhouse/treehouse around a large tree. She decorates her “kitchen” or whatever in red and white, I think. I have not seen this book since. Any clues? Thanks.

301N: Kid and (possibly imaginary) tiger have adventures, drawings break the 4th wall

I have been searching and searching for a set of books I loved as a child. I grew up in Ireland so they are probably UK based. I would rent them from the library when I was about 7 or 8 I think, so around 1992 but I suspect they were older than that.

From the little I can remember these were hardback books in primary colours (I seem to remember orange) where a kid and an animal (I am 99% sure a tiger) would have adventures. There may have been a third character also. There was a lot of text with some informal / childlike pen and ink drawings that would sometimes interact with the text.

Any help or further info would be so appreciated. I’m expecting my first child and would love to be able to share these books some day.

301M: Underground tunnels that might have had ghosts

I’m looking for a scary novel I read back in the 80’s.  I used to read a lot of King, but it’s not one of his.  It was a book about some underground tunnels that might have had ghosts.  I think that it may have been some young children that were at a relative’s home.

I know that doesn’t help much, but any help would be appreciated!

301L: The Sun is Put to Bed

I’m looking for a beautifully illustrated English language children’s book published in the early eighties or possibly late seventies. It was an important part of my childhood that was sadly lost in a move and I just cannot remember its name (I was 8 when it was lost). We lived in England at the time so I’m guessing it was published there.

The illustration was old-fashioned and in full-colour. I think it was art nouveau or art deco style. The theme of the book was about how the sun is put to bed and the night-time gotten ready for. This was done by illustrating most elements using textile symbols. So, curtains were drawn across a sleepy sun, a backdrop of stars was pulled down, the moon was a button that (I think) was hoisted into position, there was scaffolding erected around the moon so it could be cleaned. A cow and a spoon jumped over the moon at one point.

The book was not long, definitely more of a picture book with most illustrations in blue and white colour ways. The text was poetic and may have rhymed. It was a bedtime story for young children. The paper was thick with a matte finish.

If you could help me find this book I would be so, so, so grateful. It was a childhood gift from my much-loved godmother and I think it about it often.

301K: White Bear a in Blue Dress Goes to a Ball

I’m looking for a children’s picture book that features a white bear – I think her name was Edwina but I am not positive. At some point in the story, she puts on a pale blue satin fancy dress and I think she goes to a ball. I owned this book but can’t find it. I would have purchased it between 1990 and 1993. My daughter (who is now 24) marks this book as one of her earliest memories. She was so enamored with this book that I sewed her a pale blue satin dress to match the one the bear wore in the book and she wore it all the time when she was two or three. I still have the dress but can’t find the book. Her birthday is in October and I’d love to find and purchase a copy of this book if I can find it. Thank you in advance for any help!