296P: Mother Pregnant and child refuses to be born

So here’s what I know about this book – it is not a recent publication.  I read about it a long time ago – maybe in a book review, and the review got tossed and I have wanted to find it for a while.

It is fiction.  A first time mother obsessively tries to communicate with her unborn baby/fetus and all day and all night feeds info into her belly – music, news, stories, but the baby concludes this is not a world in which it wants to be born.  And the struggle begins to get the baby to be born by then telling it why.

Something along those lines.

296O: She dances with the prince but decides to marry the delivery boy

Hi, I’m looking for a children’s picture book that is a feminist retelling of Cinderella.  The heroine is a seamstress.  She makes it to the ball, has a good time dancing with the prince, but ultimately decides to marry the delivery boy whose always loved her.  It’s definitely a picture book, not a young novel.

Thanks so much for your help; I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find this.

296N: Cristobel and a tinkling Christmas Tree Fairy

Hi. I am trying to remember and locate a book that I loved as a child – possibly published between 1956 and 1961, in which the centrepiece was a Christmas Tree with a fairy that every now and then tinkled. In any memory the tree stood on the landing at the top of the stairs in the house.  It may have involved a girl called Cristobel /Christobel/Christobal.

Was it the same or another book in which there was a character, a girl, called Aurora. In this book there seemed to be a grove or woods.

Both were well-written and may have been Australian prize-winners from the Children’s Book Council or similar. However they do not seem to me to have been particularly Australian in flavour. Possibly English.

296M: A machine called a “Spindizzy”

1960’s/70s cheap science fiction. It involved a colony that had female creatures who had evolved pink skin, and tails. Several of these creatures were featured in what appeared to be a painting on the cover of the mass market paperback I had. The main male character was sent by his company to check up on/audit the colony in some way. The female creatures were a second class of citizens who had small tattoos who indicated the type of work they did at the colony. The main male character falls in love with one of the female creatures and they attempt to escape the colony. Their attempt to escape involved a machine called a “spindizzy”.


296K: Scary, grotesque and colourful

I am looking for a picture book/book for early reading I read in the early to mid 90s in Australia. It had this man looking for treasure or gold in a cave or mine. He brought his horse or donkey along I believe. When he found the treasure I believe a ghost/whole lot of spooks appeared? What I remember most were the pictures which were very scary and grotesque and if I remember correctly colourful.

296J: A bad guy decides to kill a good guy

A short story published in one of the well known Sci-Fi magazines- I believe in the 1950’s. The bad guy is able to control people’s minds. He decides to kill a good guy and announces to the victim that he will, at a later time, force the victim to shoot himself. The victim rigs up a gun that shoots backwards at the holder. As the bad guy forces the good guy, through mind control, to point the gun at himself, the good guy struggles to keep his mind clear and not give away his plan. He points the gun at himself, pulls the trigger, and the bad guy is killed as the gun fires backwards. Super cool story!

296G: Gypsy lady animal healer cottage forest


Children’s Book: for ages 6-12

Beautifully illustrated with heaps of flowers and animals Cloth cover, possibly purple or brown in colour.

1cm thick

Roughly 25cm by 18cm

Written Before 1994

Story is about an old lady who lives in the middle of a forest in a cottage, she is like a gypsy who heals the animals with different herbs and concoctions.

2 children visit her to find out she is not as crazy as the village people say she is.

The pictures show her in front of her cottage.

In front of a fire healing the animals.

Putting a herbal Pulse on an animal

296F: Teen Overeats on Holiday Vacation Due to Parents’ Divorce

I read this young adult novel in the early 1990s at my local library. It seemed like it was relatively recently published at the time. I believe that it was a first person story, about a teenage girl who is either on Thanksgiving or Christmas break from school. Her parents tell her they are getting divorced, and she starts secretly overeating all of the leftovers from either the Thanksgiving or Christmas meal. She is writing in her journal, feeling isolated, and having some weighty conversations with her parents–particularly her dad, if I remember correctly–all while developing an unhealthy relationship to food. The book ends with her swearing off of the overeating, and taking walks in the snow to lose all of the weight she gained over the holiday vacation.

296E: Littlest Joe

About a mutt dog, a many-paged book and the longest I’d read at age 11 in 1957, who goes through many awful experiences through his lifetime and dies at the end. I think the dog was part pit bull and maybe bulldog, definitely a short, squatty and solid guy. I had checked it out as many times as possible, then finished it all through the night so I could drop it off at the library the next day. Intending to reread it, I found that it had been withdrawn for repairs and never returned to the shelves.