310Q: Societies At war

Number of years ago I read  a series of books about a society that was at war with what seemed to be a plant related species that was taking over the country.  The Prince of the “good guys” formed an alliance with an enemy
society, which were reptilian nature.  The prince transports them to his country on iceberg boats and together they defeat the enemy.  The Prince then allows the enemy society to remain in his counties  as allies and
friends even though they were different species.

310K: Animal Festival

Main characters were named Mayor Zebra, Rabbit, and Hen. Starts off with the three playing instruments under a Banyan tree. Decide to host a craft festival with the towns animals. Scenes include a bull running a china shop, an owl doing astrology, antelopes maybe? making kites, and a spider making lace. Book ends with Mayor Zebra, Rabbit, and Hen being declared winners for putting the festival together. Book had very detailed artwork.

310F: The Rolling Wheels (Solved)

It’s the story of a family who joins a wagon train to travel to California.  In one of the episodes, they meet up with another wagon train before they cross the Sierra Mountains and it turns out that other group was the Donner Party.  They went their separate ways.  (It didn’t mention what happened to the Donners.)  Another vivid part of the book had them crossing the desert, they’re almost collapsing from thirst and tormenting mirages of water appear on the horizon.  Also, I seem to remember them carving on rocks, joining the marks of others who had traveled that way.

309Y: The Dutch Inspector and Czech Gymnast

There is a series of mystery books that have a Dutch inspector solving them. He is married to a former Czech gymnast who has a bum leg. They have a daughter together. He smokes a lot, as does she and their marriage is not very good. He is an excellent inspector, however, who sometimes gets emotionally involved with his cases. In the final book, he is killed, unfortunately.

I would like to know the name of the author or at least the name of one of the books. I read these about ten years ago.

305N: Two Children at Sea

The book is about two children who are by the sea. They eat papayas and go to an underwater kingdom where there’s a mirror that says every sentence backwards. One of the children’s names is Ricky and the king of the underwater kingdom decrees that papayas will be know as “papayas, paw paws, and Ricky Rickies”. I listened to it as an audiobook that we borrowed from Cracker Barrel sometime between 1994-2000.


303V: Possibly Sick Girl Hides in Cottage Covered in Shells, Maybe Cleans It?

Hi, I’m looking for a book I read when I was younger.  It might be a young adult book, but it might be a regular grown up book too.  I don’t remember a ton about it, but I do remember this cottage being covered in shells.  Or maybe it was just some rooms within the cottage.  A girl, maybe she was sick, is possibly hiding there after recently discovering it.  I think as she feels better she works on cleaning and restoring it?  If this is enough for anyone out there to tell me the name of the book I’d be forever grateful!

293O: Where is Grandma’s House

Where is Grandma’s House (this may be the title, or similar). A little boy is looking for Grandma’s house. He goes to many places looking for her. This children’s book is illustrated with full-page paintings or lithographs with unusual “noise” in all of the colors: many tiny particles of different colors within each main color, as though covered in non-shiny nano-glitter or mini-crystals of multicolored salt.

260C: Older Teen Romance Book

I want to say this book was set in the 1950s – I read it as a child in the 1970s – part of the collection of young adult books at the Jonesboro Library in Jonesboro, AR.

It was about a young teen girl who was plump and had some skin problems. She had an older sister who was slender.  I remember one specific scene – the younger girl was eating a tuna salad sandwich for lunch and her sister told her she shouldn’t eat that because it was bad for her skin. She was going to do her usual sneering retort, but instead she asked her sister what she should eat instead – what she was having? The younger sister started paying more attention to her appearance. She met a boy who was new in town – her parents invited his parents over for dinner (I think they worked together). She put on too much of her sister’s makeup and borrowed heels and made a grand entrance to the dinner. Her parents were horrified and sent her back upstairs to change, so she was humiliated. The boy actually did like her already, but she didn’t have any self-confidence. Over the summer she started eating better and slimmed up. She eventually ended up with the boy who said he’d liked her all along.