321T: Generous Girl Receives Beautiful New Shoes

I’m looking for a children’s book that I read as a child in 1995-1997. It’s about Christmas and it was set in an old village. There’s a girl who needs a pair of new shoes. There are beautiful ones in a cobbler’s shop. I think she learns about generosity or does something generous for someone else in the community. At the end of the book, she is gifted with the new shoes from the cobbler’s shop. I vaguely remember the plot being something along the lines of a cobbler making them for someone else but giving them to the girl instead, or maybe her brother/father save up to get these shoes.

321C: Illustrated little girl travels around the world taking pictures and sending postcards (children’s book)

It was an illustrated children’s book that I read around 1994 or 1995 that followed a little girl who traveled the world taking photos and sending postcards. She went to lots of interesting destinations. The style of the illustration was kind of similar to Adele and Simon but I’m pretty sure the setting was more contemporary than the 19th century (she had a portable camera). I remember a few pages of illustration that looked like a bunch of different travel images (possibly the postcards or her photographs) stacked over each other in an illustrated pile.

321A: Halloween Tales For Kids

I had this book when I was a kid, so around 15 years ago, and it might have been a few years old by then. I can’t remember the title, but here’s what I do remember. It was large. Not just thick, but tall and wide. (I was a kid though, so it might be smaller than I’m remembering.) The one I had was hardcover. The cover might have been dark blue/purple/green, but I don’t remember what was actually on it. It had full-page illustrations, I think through most or all of the book. It had several stories about Halloween characters for kids: – King Neptune was lonely, so he became friends with the ghost of a whale or dolphin. – The ghost of a castle was rambunctious and scared people off from his treasure. – Two witches lived near each other and didn’t get along. – A vampire wanted to act in his school play, and his vampire parents attended in the end. Please help! I love this book, and I would really like to have it for my kids someday! Thank you!

320V: Snail says slug needs to get a house

Dear Stump-Solvers, I'd love to find a children's book I read to my kids in the late 80s-early 90s. Here's what I remember: A slug is moving along and ridiculed by a snail, because the slug doesn't have a shell. The slug suffers a loss of confidence and sadly slimes along. I remember the slime to cross hot pavement. SPOILER: Eventually the slug meets another slug and is happy. Thank you!

320R: Four strangers find faith in tornado

Christian novel published no later than the early 2000s, possibly earlier. Paperback cover was dark blue or black with a horizontal photo of four tornadoes closing in on a church tower. The premise centers around four strangers (two men and two women) who are mysteriously summoned to a small town called Haven. One of the strangers is a man named Gabe who has some attitude/anger/commitment issues, and another is a housewife who feels stuck in her life. When they arrive in Haven, they are all shown to hotel rooms that mysteriously match their personalities; for example, one woman finds CDs to her favorite Broadway musicals, including Cats. During their stay, they all undergo various tests of faith which culminates in a church tower being surrounded by four tornadoes -- only those with faith in God escape with their lives as they all confront the issues that have been holding them back. Scattered details I remember: - One of the four strangers meets a young man named Art (it's possible that Art tries to rob a gas station in Haven, then finds himself unable to leave town?), and together they break into the local school. Art sees a sign light up that spells "A-R-T" and thinks God is trying to tell him something. - Toward the end of their stay in Haven, they're invited to a banquet with all of their favorite meals. Gabe's favorite foods are all described as "starch city." (The things that stick with you. . . ) - At the end of the book, everyone returns to their homes, only to discover that the town called Haven never existed on any map/in any history book. It's heavily implied, if not outright stated, that their guide(s) in Haven was an angel. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I've been searching for this book for years to no avail!

320K: Medieval Girl Returns To Family, Wants To Belong

I’m searching for a book that I read in the summer of 1993 or 1994.  I believe it was set in medieval times (the family lives in a castle).  The book was very new at the time—I think I was the first to check it out (I miss stamping due dates)!

It begins with a fair haired and fair skinned girl returning to her biological family (refined family with fair hair) after returning from being raised by a rival family (a rougher family with dark hair).  She had been traded and her family had raised their son, who had died.  So, she was returned.

She’s spent her life feeling like she doesn’t belong and is now finding her place and adjusting to life back with her family.  She still feels like she doesn’t belong.

She has siblings—a beautiful sister & brother who are fraternal twins—and 1-2 more children.  There is a smallpox outbreak and her sister’s face is scarred.  

319Y: Elephant Behaves Badly, Suffers Consequences

My daughter checked the book out of her school library in first grade, the year being 2001.

The book is about an elephant who exhibits bad behavior and suffers the consequences. She gets angry and therefore stomps in the water due to her anger. Because of that, the water becomes muddy and she has no clean water to drink. She also gets angry and therefore knocks her tree over and therefore has no place to take shelter from the sun.

My daughter pronounced the elephants name as “Moolaui”  or “Moo lau ee”. I really hope you can assist in finding this book as we shared many laughs as she read it to me.

Thank you so much.

319U: Pike Threatens Duck Family

Hello! I am looking for a book that my father used to read to me when I was a kid (late 90s). As far as I can remember it was about a family of ducks(?) who were often threatened by a scary pike in the area. I remember it had pictures, and I could have sworn it was called ‘all through the night’ but haven’t been able to find that title. I’ve been searching for years without any success!