323T: Wise Dad Comforts Heartbroken Girl Who Was Denied Doll

I’m looking for a children’s book. I think the title may be “The Pinks” but I don’t know the author. It’s about a girl who is saving money for a doll in a store window. Before she can buy the doll, a rich girl from her school buys her. The girl is heartbroken and her dad says some wise things. The dad is a truck driver and he likes music. He says something like “strife makes good art”.  The book was probably written in the late 90’s or early 2000’s.

Thank you for your help!

323J: Children search for Victorian explorer father

Looking for a YA book published 2008-2015-ish.  It is a kind of steampunk-y story about some children whose father has disappeared. He’s a Victorian-ish explorer and there are still vast expanses to be explored. The kids follow some clues and find a hidden world…maybe in a cave? I think the father was part of some sort of explorer’s society, too.

323E: Creating the story of one’s life

Around 1996 I bought my dad a book of questions about one’s life. In the end of answering these questions came a lovely little story about one’s entire life. My dad died without completing it and I couldn’t find the book again. I would like to know the name and author of this book. Thank you for all your help. I’ve looked on Amazon and have not found anything like it.

323A: Man meets gurus in India, is healed of blindness

A man finds healing for near blindness by examining gurus in India who told him to talk to his father. A man disrupted contact with his father, and later suffered from near blindness on a real physical basis. He traveled all over the world and stayed for longer in India, but 2 gurus in a line told him he just should go back and talk with his father. He found unbelievable healing that way, and talked about it on youtube or TED, and wrote a book with which he became famous. He has a website as well and holds presentations. It must have been around 5-10 years ago, I assume. I cannot find it anywhere I search. I think he suffered from a kind of retina disease and small vessels in it.

321T: Generous Girl Receives Beautiful New Shoes

I’m looking for a children’s book that I read as a child in 1995-1997. It’s about Christmas and it was set in an old village. There’s a girl who needs a pair of new shoes. There are beautiful ones in a cobbler’s shop. I think she learns about generosity or does something generous for someone else in the community. At the end of the book, she is gifted with the new shoes from the cobbler’s shop. I vaguely remember the plot being something along the lines of a cobbler making them for someone else but giving them to the girl instead, or maybe her brother/father save up to get these shoes.