337R: Children’s European Story Collection

Hello! I am looking for a storybook collection that I had in the 1980’s.

This book had a number of stories in it that seemed European based. I believe the first story was of a little boy whose mother made him green dungarees with a plane on them that he loved. He accidentally tore them on a fence and was very sad until his mother patched it with a star instead of a plane.
Another story was from Denmark about a boy whose father was a fisherman. The pictures in this one were monochromatic (rust colored.) The picture was of the boy standing close to the sea and possible the famous mermaid statue.
Another story was of a mother hedgehog. I believe it had a picture of a hedgehog in an egg cup.
I believe the back cover of the book was blue.
This book was read to me every night and it was my favorite. I would be so happy to finally find it again!

337O: Children Stories About Science

I remember two stories, and I believe they may be from the same book.  One story is of some kids that get “hired” by a local scrap metal company to figure out how to crack open metal cannonballs.  They first try burying it in the snow, but find that the snow acts as an insulator, preventing the cannonball from getting cold enough to crack.  The kids then re-try by leaving the cannonball in the open (at least that’s what I remember), at which point the metal is cold enough to crack.
The other story also involves children, this time on a beach.  They collect up seawater, rig up a distilling system, and then boil the water to make steam.  The steam is collected up as drinkable water.
Thanks in advance!

336Q: Brigands

I wish I had something more for hints, but this query comes for a book I believe was published in the 1930’s.  Had it been in the 1940’s I would have been able to read it myself, and I don’t think I ever could.
It was hard backed but not more that a half-inch thick, all black and white.  Illustrations included stick figures or possibly pear-shaped bodies (inverted?) with stick arms and legs.  These figures or characters were called “Brigands” and were bad.  I have no idea what the title may be.
There seem to have been two stories in the book.  It’s possible one was “Ferdinand the Bull,” but that may be a merged memory.
That’s all I’ve got and I really don’t expect anything.  You’d have to be older than I am with a marvelous memory.

336H: A unique, darkly humorous children’s picture book

Looking for the title of a picture book I had when I was a child–and absolutely LOVED.
1. I know I possessed it at least as early as 1960/1961, and it was a used book when I got it. So my guess is that it was published sometime in the 1950’s, or even the late 1940’s.
2. As I recall, the book had an unusual shape. The top edge was curved, rather than straight across. I’m not 100% certain about this, but it is my strong recollection. It was taller than it was wide, giving it a much more rectangular shape.
3. There were both stories and poems in the book.
4. This was definitely not a sweet, endearing, Beatrix Potter-type book. The stories had a slightly darker edge to them. One of the poems was about a big, creepy tree, and the drawing of the tree scared me silly–but I loved it!
5. One of the stories was about a mischievous boy (it used that word specifically–it had to be explained to me) and one of the naughty things he did in the story was take piano keys off the piano and stuff them down between the crack in the floor boards.
There you have it…that’s all I remember. I sure hope someone can track this one down!

335U: Children’s Collection, Help Solve The Mystery

I would like to find a children’s book from the 1970’s, I presume. It was a smaller hardcover (I swear a red cover).
It was a collection of a few “help solve the mystery” stories in which every time you turned a page, it followed with a super intricate, detailed black & white drawing in which you looked for a clue…usually from the previous pages’ words.
A sort of “Where’s Waldo” style art – black and white.
I wish I had more to go on. It was in my elementary school library in NY 1977-1980-ish.
Please help!

335M: Children’s Fable Anthology

I’m looking for a hardback collection of children’s stories/fables from the late 80's or early 90's. The illustrations for each story were very round-faced, cartoony characters, and the cover was blue. I remember there being around 10-15 stories and the ones I most clearly remember are a version of “Stone Soup”, a version of “The House with the Golden Windows”, and a story very like “The Giving Tree”.

The most unique story I remember that I can’t find anywhere online is a story of a King challenging his 3 children (two sons and one daughter) to prove who should inherit the throne. He gives them each a gold coin and sends them to buy something that will fill every room of the castle. The oldest son buys feathers and tries to spread them out but there aren’t enough. The second son hires a flute player to fill the castle with music but it can’t be heard in the tallest tower. Finally the daughter buys candles for every room and fills the castle with light and therefore wins her father’s challenge. I have been thinking about this book for so long it would be amazing if anyone could point me in the right direction!

334U: Children’s Story About the First Apple Pie

I recall a children’s story (I don’t think it was a book but rather a story in a children’s storybook) that I read in the early to mid 1970's.  It was set in the times of kings and villages. The king (maybe it was a prince or even the town mayor) had a contest for the best pie.  Apparently only savory pies existed at the time, no fruit pies. The story’s heroine, having no meat at hand, made a pie with apples and tried to serve it to the king/prince/mayor.  I think she was prevented by the king’s flunkies who were aghast at the thought of a pie with fruit but eventually she got to the king, served her pie with a piece of cheddar and won the day.  Voila, fruit pies. No clue about the author or the title.