333F: Greenwich Village jazz father and son (Solved!)

Growing up in a small town in Eastern Washington in the early 1970’s, I read a book I still remember. It’s a middle school targeted chapter book with a few line drawing illustrations. My copy was paperback. It features a father and son, the dad is a jazz musician / fan, I think they live in the Village - or at least someplace downtown NYC. Maybe there is some music that is played on the rooftop? Maybe parents are divorced? Published pre-1974.

332Z: Exceptional Animals, “Goodness Gracious!” (Solved!)

Seeking a children’s rhyming picture book, published sometime in the last 10 – 30 years; describes major characteristics of several animals (i.e., big ears of a fenec, sharp teeth of something, big spots of leopard) using the phrase “Goodness gracious!”;  final page is “Goodness gracious, what a noise . . . from girls and boys!” and it shows children playing outside at recess.

332X: Momma and Poppa Make a Midsummer’s Lantern on their Woodland Farm (Solved!)

I’m searching for a children’s picture book: The illustrations are in somewhat muted colors. I read it growing up in the ‘90s, but am not sure when it was actually published. The characters are momma and poppa, and they live on a farm in the woods. They have made a lantern (which has a face in it in the illustration) for midsummer. Momma walks through the woods, gathering strawberries and birch tree saplings into her basket. Poppa gathers eggs from the hens. Back home, momma makes a custard or shortcake with the eggs and strawberries, uses the birch saplings to make a maypole, hangs the face lantern on the pole, and they dance around it into the evening. Please help!! This has been driving me crazy.

332P: Months of the Year with a Blond Curly-Haired Girl (Solved!)

I am hoping the little info I can give you will be enough to identify a book that I would love to secure for my daughter- one of her favorites. I think the book must have dealt with months of the year instead of days of the week. The illustrations were in pastels and the little girl throughout the book had blond curly hair. My daughter would have been 5-7 years old when she was reading the book. She was born in 1968 if that helps. I have Googled every way I can think of – so far no luck. This is a long shot – I really have no expectations – if nothing else, I am so happy to have found the Loganberry Books website.

332G: Blue Monday (Solved!)

I am very sure the book I am searching for is called BLUE MONDAY. It’s about a group of adults that took a certain drug in their student days that was beginning to affect them years later and turning them into killers. The cover is a photo of a bald headed man with a maniacal laugh and a big knife in his hand. It was published and released in the the 1970s.

332E: Young Raccoon Gets Stuck Trying To Retrieve An Olive From Jar (Solved!)

Purchased between 1994-1998 in Ohio (maybe school book fair?). It is a small, paperback, children’s picture book. A young raccoon is at a park (maybe with his mom) and there are leftovers from a picnic. He tries to get an olive out of a jar, but it results in a “monkey trap” situation. I think people start coming his way and he realizes he must let go of the olive to get free. He lets go of the olive and scurries away to safety.

331I: Father Injured During Gold Rush, Daughter Sells Hardtack to Miners (Solved!)

The book I am looking for is a YA about a young girl that hides in her father’s wagon when he heads to California for the gold rush. She brings a small pail of milk and it churns into butter. At some point they meet up with a lady and possibly another child, the dad gets sick or injured, maybe he dies. They go to San Francisco? – their house is on a hill? – and start baking and selling hardtack for the other miners. The book describes ships sitting in the bay empty due to the sailors abandoning them to look for gold. One night several of the ships catch fire. I read it in the mid eighties, definitely before 1990.