312B:Island Of Mozambique

This children’s book I used to have was this paperback book about two brothers who live on the island of Mozambique. Its a fairy tale story that take place in the modernize world early 1900s. One i thing i remember is this particular scene from the book. The brother kills a snake with a machete that is trying to kill his brother and his brothers wife in bed. When they wake up the brother in bed accuses the brother with the machete of trying to kill him. When the brother with the machete explains what really happened he turns into stone. Its a really beautifully illustrated book and uses a lot of deep blues and greens. I bought it in Boston around the late 1990s.

312A: Jeremy Rabbit

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I’m looking for a small children’s book (like a Golden book but I don’t remember if it is a Golden Book). It may have been titled “The Animals’ Christmas” or “The Christmas Star”, or something else.
The main character is Jeremy Rabbit. There is also a squirrel. They decorate a snowy forest fur tree for Christmas. The squirrel says to “Look up! Look up!” to see that a star from the sky has settled in the top branch of the tree.

I read this book to my sons Jeremey and Justin (I called the squirrel “Justin Squirrel) when they were young. Jeremey was killed awhile back and I’d love to find this book for his daughters.
Thank you for any help you can offer.

311Z:Octopus For Dinner

I read a book when I was a kid 1993, the book felt modern) that was about a girl who was invited to sleepover at her friends house for the first time. Main girl is white and the friend is black. She’s very anxious, one thing she worries about is they will serve something weird for dinner like an octopus. She goes and they have a good time, in one part they run through cornfields at the friends house. It’s definitely geared towards 7-12 age group, some illustrations. I’ve been searching for years!!


Novel about hillbilly-type farm family talked into turning farm into guest farm. Grandpa has apparent narcolepsy and ends up passes out anywhere and everywhere. A visiting couple finds watching cows being butchered erotic. I remember describing wallpaper of old magazines and newspapers because so poor. Read around late 1980s to mid 1990s?

311X:Flood From A Nearby Reservoir’s Dam

If I remember correctly, the children’s story is a short-story which was part of a larger book which contained many different stories. It may even be true, or based on a true story. It was read to me in the 1970s. It is the story of a flood from a nearby reservoir’s dam breaking, and a smart, resourceful mother who protects and saves her little children by climbing onto tables, then top of bookcase/cabinet, then eventually sawing through ceiling and placing them in attic, (or maybe outside)?. The story had at least once hand drawn black & white

311W: The Adventures They Shared And The Companionship

When I was in elementary school I checked a book, perhaps a series, from the school library. I have no memory of the title at all nor the author, but it gave me a love for Kerry Blue Terriers.

The story was about a girl and her beloved Kerry and the trips they took, I think in her bed at night…but oh, the adventures they shared and the companionship

311V:Prominent Tubular

Pre 1970, fairly large format, color illustrated (vintage style) children’s book of fairy tales/nursery rhymes contains a story with an old woman baking a cake for a young male. Cake has prominent tubular peaks covering the surface. I think the illustration was on a left-hand page.

311U:Working Class Unmarried Couple

The opening chapters depict a working class unmarried couple who are struggling. The woman really likes the man but he already has his mind set to move on from the woman (and her young son), and to find better work elsewhere. I want to say they are squatting in a small house in rural CA somewhere.


The man decides he wants to take the woman’s son climbing before he abandons them. He wakes the boy up early and they drive to (I believe) Yosemite National Park together in the man’s truck. The man takes him on a long, multi-pitch roped climb, which I remember really enjoying reading about.


When the two get back, the man does indeed leave. He goes on to find a job working as a carpenter or cleaner or some laborer type position on roofs and gables and other high places, which I assume he can do because of his experience climbing. He makes a coworker friend and one of the last things I can recall is he teaches the coworker how to not be so afraid of heights.



311S:Awake All Night

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A children’s book from 1900-1950 about little girl who is told by doctor she needs to go to bed an hour earlier each night. So every night she goes to bed one hour earlier and soon is going to bed during the day and awake all night.