355J: Twins are Split Up and Mother Becomes Town Outcast

I’m looking for a book that I read quite some time ago. The most that I can remember is that the mother was a town outcast, had boy/girl twins, one “died” and was raised by another family. Boy stayed with mom who became town crazy woman outside town. Girl finds out somehow she’s adopted and goes back to figure everything out, and gets involved with a local man. ♥️♥️

355G: Vampire Horror Anthology

The book I am looking for is a horror anthology of Vampire fiction published a minimum of eleven years ago, maximum twenty-one. The book itself contains two stories I remember, one better than the other. The first is about a cantor at a failing synagogue who is contacted by a lapsed Jewish man whose son has fallen victim of a vampire. The cantor is called upon to help, and tries several methods which do not work, and it comes about that only the father is Jewish, not the son, and the son has neither converted nor done his bat mitzvah. The cantor then does an emergency conversion, then an emergency mitzvah, and the vampire is exorcised. The story is set in the modern-day, maybe in the 90s.
The second story I remember less. It is told in the first person by a farmer on a failing farm about how a farm girl he hires (who he believes is from Pennsylvania) ends up in a sexual relationship with the farmer and his son. As the relationships continue, the farm fails, because “the plowing didn’t get done because we were plowing her”. It is a very explicit story and ends with a wiser townswoman realizing the girl is a vampire and stealing her. The man telling the story realizes the girl is from Transylvania, not Pennsylvania, and that is when the shoe drops for the reader that the girl was eating these two men slowly, hence why they were getting thinner and hungrier as time went on while she stayed plump and beautiful.
I read this book when I was about sixteen, and the story about the Rabbi stuck with me. It is the piece I’m most interested in finding, but sadly the book seems to be lost to me. I apologize for the explicit nature of the second story, again, I read the book at sixteen and it was the only story of its type I had engaged with at that time, therefore it has stuck in my head.

355F: Looking for old children’s chapter book about a squirrel

When I was a child, this would have been sometime between 1990-1995, I borrowed a fiction chapter book twice from my local library that I cannot remember the title of. At the time, the book was old, but I was a kid so it may not have been THAT old. I think it may have been written sometime around the 1950s-70s. It was a story about a boy who takes care of a squirrel. I think that there was a red squirrel on the cover, and the title of the book may have been the name of the squirrel but I’m not certain. I think the book had a bittersweet ending with the squirrel going back to live in the wild. I’ve not been able to find it on a google search so perhaps you can help!

355D: Girl Spends Day With Mom, Boy Spends Day With Dad

I’m looking for a children’s book that I had in the mid 1970’s.  It was a hardcover book and I believe it was oversized.  The ‘first’ story was about a child (believe it was a girl) spending the day with her mommy.  You then flipped the book upside down & over and there was a ‘second’ story about the child spending the day with his/her daddy and they went to the zoo.  I remember a picture of them looking in the animal exhibit and the child is holding a balloon and I think they get ice cream.  I’m pretty sure it’s people and not animals (i.e. not the Mercer Meyer little critter book).

354Z: Father and Daughter Move into the Countryside

A young girl and her parents move from the city for her father’s health. They become pioneers in a way and are excited for their new lives. They have neighbors who the daughter befriends. She shows the youngest son how to wash dishes with sand. He tells her “One day you’ll be a beaut.”
She only thinks men with big teeth are attractive. There were small sketches through the book.

354Y: Elephant Overcomes Fear of Dark with Favorite Quilt

My stumper is a book about a little elephant going to bed, but she is afraid of the dark and can’t sleep until her mom brings her favorite quilt. I remember it having a lot of purple, lavender, and soft yellow. It would have been in the early 90s that we repeatedly checked this out from the library. My sister and I have searched off and on since high school for this book but neither of us remember the title or author!

354V: The Comancheros?

Read in 6th grade about a Spanish highborn son that gets in trouble with the court (king's court). the family goes to the uncle’s hacienda in the new world, he and his brother are captured in an Indian raid, he ends up with a Comanche family and becomes a member of the tribe, he falls for an Indian girl possessed by a cruel Comanche, he goes on a raid to steal horses to buy her.