328B: Learning How Different Animals Sleep

I’m hoping for some help finding a book I remember from my childhood that I can’t seem to find anywhere online.
It’s a book about a little boy who teaches the reader how different animals sleep.
I believe that the cover has a blue frame and a picture of the boy sleeping, possibly with one of the animals, like a giraffe or a bear.
In one part of the story, he sleeps with the giraffes or the horses standing up.
I was born in the late 80s, so I imagine it was a book from around the late 80s or early 90s.
That’s really all I remember.
Thank you for your help!

328A: The Little Girl Who Wouldn’t Go To Bed

I’m looking for a book that I loved when I was little. I was born in 1981 and had the book when I was around 3 or 4 years old. It was called “The Little Girl Who Wouldn’t Go To Bed” or “The Little Girl That Didn’t Want To Go To Bed” maybe? Not sure on the title. But I remember a lot about the book …

Every page was illustrated. In the beginning of the book the little girl doesn’t want to go to bed and her mother says something like, “Very well then, but father and I are going to sleep so you’ll be all alone.”
The whole rest of the book has the little girl going to all these different spots in the house to play – on one page her doll is asleep, on another all her stuffed animals are asleep, she goes from room to room of the house but all of her toys are asleep. She goes to her dollhouse and the dolls in there are asleep too. After going from room to room to find all of her toys sleeping she gives up and goes to bed too. Hope you can help me to find this book.

327Z: Insectoid Alien Princess Becomes A Christian

I’ve tried to find this book for the last thirty years. It’s an old sci-fi novel.
What I remember of the plot:
Advanced insectoid winged aliens invade earth, they are very random and do things like cure disease and pour wealth from spaceships in one city, and then fire bomb/laser death another.
Hero is ex government something, like a soldier or bodyguard like secret service.
He ends up at some point at a rebel base where they are trying to fight the invaders, but are wounded and starving.
He gets captured by the aliens, and is enslaved by one of the very high ranking aliens, a Princess or equivalent, who is spoiled rotten, vain and very cruel. She has a sort of partner who is a warrior, but she outranks him and treats him badly.
They talk, but also use dancing like bees to convey extra texture to the conversation, she mocks her partner/mate because he is not graceful when “talking” by dancing.
She ends up trying to bang the human out of boredom, which is painful for him, and he jumps off her floating ship/palace to try to kill himself after suffering at her hands for a while.
She makes her mate/fiance fly to rescue him, but he signals that the price he will want in return will be terrible.
At some point she is stripped of power and exiled.
She meets the hero at a rebel camp some time later, and she has been de-winged and blinded by her kind.There is a church of anti-Christ that has something to do with what is going on.
Alien princess becomes a Christian.

327W: House Built With Haunted Objects

Looking for a book with the following plot. Husband and wife purchase a home. It’s haunted (obviously). The hauntings replay themselves. There is a 1920s or 30s woman who haunts the room under the stairs. 1920ish music every night. A haunted study and the attic. It turns out the home was built with haunted objects. I remember the attic using a beam from a barn where a tragic murder took place. The lady under the stairs was murdered in the type of bed or something similar. I can’t remember who haunts the study. They are also fixing up the home during this process I think. I read the book on the oyster app years ago.

The book also mentioned a door opening and footsteps every night at midnight.

327V: Restaurant Owner Takes Away Medical Student Employee’s Pride

My computer crashed and I lost all the books on my e reader-so i have several I am looking for…here is the first one.

It is a gay m/m romance. a man owns a bunch of restaurants and he is talking to a friend, and he decides to open a private club/restaurant/hotel for gay men-a membership, so they can be themselves, not be harassed, and enjoy themselves.  He hires a man to manage it who used to be his companion, but they separated after the companion was attacked and he has a scar on his face.  The manager hires this guy who helped him with his physical therapy-he works part time in a coffee shop but he isn’t making enough money.  He was in med school, but he dropped out to move back and help his dad out after he got cancer.  The dad dies, and now he is responsible for his younger brothers-I think there are 3.
So he goes, reluctantly to work at this club-because he can earn enough to support his family.
The owner sees him, and wants him, he sits in the waiters section, and orders all night, at the end of the night he propositions the waiter-going as high as $2000…and the waiter turns him down. the boss is stunned-the bartender and the manager are laughing-they love seeing the boss get shot down-he thinks everyone is for sale…he tries another time, and nothing….
He finally gets the waiter to go out with him-by not bringing up money, and they have a great time…but after they spend a night together, the waiter wakes up in bed alone, with a wad of money on the dresser.  He is very hurt and leaves.  The boss finds out where he lives, and goes there. it is a poor neighborhood, and the boss gives the envelope with the money to one of his brothers calling it a ‘bonus’.  The older brother freaks out, yelling at him, about how didn’t he realize if he wanted to do that kind of thing-he could have-years ago, but he went to med school, he wanted more for his family, and in one move, he took away all his pride, and what gave him that right to think everyone was for sale?  The boss realizes how bad he screwed up, and he tries to win the waiter back….but the waiter wants nothing to do with him.  He goes online through the college they went to, and talks to him.  Meanwhile, the mother they thought dead shows up when she learned the father was dead-she is a drug addict, active, and wants custody of the boys, but for the death benefits money.
Another fact-the company owner is trying to develop a line of flavored vinegars, and designer cooking oils to sell on the Home Shopping Network.
Anything you can do to help me is great….I really appreciate it….

327U: Unplugged to Kidnapped

A while back I read a book about a group of kids that were sent to a tech addiction camp for rich kids. The book takes a turn though, the counselors are actually con-men who set up the camp to abduct rich kids and demand a ransom. The kids are taken to an island and eventually outsmart their captors and kill them. The rest of the book is about the kids surviving on the island and using the skills they got online to survive.

327S: Snow sweep invited in from the cold for tea (?from Samova)

This was a children’s picture book that I read in the late 1980s. I cannot recall the book title or story line but I can vividly recall one scene where a man (I think the protagonist) invites different people in for tea – from a Russian teapot I think (samova). Think he uses the line “Come in from the cold”. One of the people he invited in was either a snow sweep or street sweep. Any help would be much appreciated!

327R: Multiple Endings To Fairy Tale

I’m looking for a multiple ending children’s book that I read in the late 80’s/early 90’s. The book looked new back then. You could make choices to impact the ending of the story, but it was definitely not a “Choose Your Own Adventure” branded book. The book was thin and about the size of a magazine. The illustrations were fairly simplistic. It may have been part of a series. The story was fairy tale-like I and recall a story line about saving a sick prince. I think there was a witch/sorceress who prepared a potion using a jar of blue flowers/petals as a story line choice. This may be a totally mistaken memory, but the book was owned by a cousin and I vaguely remember thinking he got it from another aunt/uncle who bought it/them from an educational toy catalog company like “Discovery Toys.” I have a vague (also possibly incorrect) memory of the catalog company being Canadian. We grew up in Ohio. Would love to locate this book!