300W: Bellhop goes through bizarre and dark Labyrinth

I cannot remember the title of this book, but i do remember that this is one of my favorites from when I was a child. I can't have been published any time past 2000, and it had amazing illustrations as I can recall.

I recall many specific things about the book but a few recollections may be flawed: The protagonist was a bellhop trying to deliver a package through a bizarre labyrinth, I do not remember the context,one area was a stone maze with math problems carved into the ground, another was a deep staircase heading downwards with various things around the edges. There was a part where one had to choose the correct submarine or get sunken or eaten by a sea creature. Another involved stacking various blocks in a manner that would fit properly and then placing a plank on top of this tower to proceed. I remember a room covered in maps from top to bottom, in a grid tile format, with a spider or its web in it.

Finally it is revealed at the end that the package was an egg that hatched into a chick. The last thing I can remember is there being an old newspaper comic with the bellboy as a framing device, and I believe wrapping paper for the package. Please help me! I can't find this book anywhere and would love to see it again!

300T: Everything made from this wood was cursed

I am searching for a novel I read in the 1980s about a researcher looking into numerous SIDS deaths in several generations of one family. It turns out that the family heirloom cradle was made from the wood from the cross on which Jesus was crucified. There was a curse on the wood and over centuries everything made from this wood was cursed and caused death. I think it had a dark blue or black cover and was in the style of a John Saul thriller. Please help- this has been driving me CRAZY!!!

300S: It was very geometric

Hi there! I was born in 1987. When I was a kid (early nineties) I read this book and I LOVED the illustrations. I’m not sure if it was a modern book at the time or not.
It had lots of bright colors and I think very little white space. I remember lots of orange and pinks, and vividly recall one page where a character is walking up stairs, the stairs and the character are just black silhouettes. I think it was very geometric.
For some reason (and I don’t know if this is right at all) I have it in my head that it’s somehow related to a native people, like Aztec or something.
So, it’s definitely a children’s picture book, brightly colored with silhouettes, and geometric. Possibly to do with Aztec or some other native people.

300R: Haunting voice that would sing

As a grade-schooler in the late 1960’s or early seventies, my teacher read the class a mystery book/novel about a little girl who’d gone to stay with relatives. Possibly for the summer. She was mystified by a haunting voice that would sing a song again and again. I remember something about a swing and hollyhock flowers. I’m not sure but I think by the end of the story it turns out to be the ghost of her deceased Aunt who died as a child.

300P: Travels the world while floating in a bubble

I don’t know the title, but I checked it out from a local library in McAllen, TX about 20 years ago. It is a children’s book with pictures on every page about a small animal (like a hamster or gerbil or mouse?) who travels the world while floating in a bubble. I think the cover was dark blue or purple, and I believe one of the places he went was Paris. I apologize if this isn’t enough detail, but its all I remember. I had it checked out the maximum amount of times and want to own it now for my own kids.

Thanks for your help.

300O: 1970s book about baby brother

I’m looking for a book I had in the 1970s. It was about a little girl who was, I think, called Amy.  She was upset her mother had a new baby brother until it ended up that she was the only one who could make him laugh.  The whole book was in orange and white. Pleas help me find it.  It could have been called something along the lines of

A Brother For Amy

Amy’s New Brother

Amy’s Baby Brother


Thank You,

300N: The mother who made Dough Soup

I checked this book out from the library in 1st grade (2006-2007), and it involved the story of a poor mother with many children who couldn’t afford to feed her family. She got a job as a maid at a rich woman’s house, and rather than wash her hands after making dough, she would simply take the dough that was on her hands home and make doughs soup. Eventually she meets these people in a forest or something who give her a pot of gold, and give the mean lady she worked for a pot of snakes.

That’s all I can remember, but I would really appreciate the help.

300M: Footprints mar the beauty

I remember a picture book story from when I was little – I was born 1975 – and was about 10 or so, not sure if the book was old or new at that time – I’d estimate being read the story somewhere around 1985

The story is about a young boy, maybe a prince, who wakes up after a fresh snowfall and looks outside to see a field of sparkle-y, glittery snow. He walks out to see the beauty of it all and realizes his footprints mess up the beauty. So he hires more men to carry him on a chair or table. I don’t remember the ending exactly but eventually all the men make the problem worse and so he ends up just walking himself – or something along those lines. Any clue as to the book title?

Thank you for your time!!