285D: Boy and cat are best friends

I am looking for a children’s book from around 1980.

I do not recall the title or author, and the book may have been published before 1980.  Let’s say anywhere between 1970 and 1982 or so.  This was a favorite book of mine when I was a kid, and I used to take it out of my local branch of the St. Louis Public Library pretty regularly.

The one thing I DO remember were the fantastic illustrations.  It was done in black and white, and the drawings looked as though they may have been pen and ink, or etchings, and they were very realistic.

Thematically, I remember a couple things about the story:  A boy and his cat used to sit on a hill under their (or maybe the cat’s) favorite tree.  At night, the cat would go have adventures on his own with his cat friends.  Toward the end of the story, the cat died, and the boy and his mom decided to bury him atop the hill under the beloved tree.  Then the boy would go there to remember the cat.

Specifically, I recall one page in the book that illustrated night time, when the cat would go with his cat friends.  There is a house (presumably the cat’s) in the background, as though he has just been let out for the evening.  In the foreground, you see the cat joining up with many, many neighborhood cats as they set off to roam around–a virtual cat army.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.

224G: MAX a chubby cat

My wife’s father read this book with her when she was little, so it must have been published before 1964. Here is what she could recall when I asked her for more details:

“The book title was MAX. But anyways there are no photos of the book covers here so hard to say. This book is an over sized hard cover book (like the I Spy kids books). I remember the cover being yellow and turquoise – the illustrations are hand drawn (the cat is black line drawn) – he is a chubby cat. In one sequence he grabs the hair dryer and is looking at it inquisitively – it turns on accidentally and it blows his hair every which way as he tries to figure out how to turn it off.”

207A: Kind girl befriends “house proud” trapped witch and orange tabby

I read this story in a book of either just cat or animal short stories. I think they all had magic involved.

A witch tried a spell that backfired and trapped her in her own house, sitting staring at the fire. Years later the house was rented by a nice young woman who could sort of see the witch and treated her politely-offered her tea. The witch’s orange tabby was still around and got killed defending the young woman from the witch’s nefarious nephew. Some visitor came up later-obviously to be the boyfriend and he’d found the reincarnation of the orange tabby. The witch smiles as she fades away (I think) released. Nefarious nephew (or some relation) defeated. Written in late 90s maybe?
Anyone remember this story and what book it’s in? Any help appreciated. Thanks!!!

198H: Black cat escapes from pet carrier

Late 60’s, early 70’s I want to say. As I remember, it was a black and white picture book about a black cat that gets out of it’s pet carrier(?) an walks through the city. I remember the pictures in this book being high quality black and white photographs. The most I can recall about the “plot” once the cat somehow gets out of it’s carrier it travels through the was once referred to as the “ghetto.” Anyways, it’s a long shot but the book had a huge influence on me about inner-city strife and that we as a people need to try to keep trying to improve everyone’s lot in life. I think this is a great little service you have. Cheers.