321J: Girl Solves Mysteries On Rugged Terrain

British young adult adventure/mystery book featuring young girl alone, about 12 or 13 years old. She would venture into caves and various outdoor settings, pursuing the mystery or hiding from someone. At times, it seemed to be rugged terrain, but I’m not certain about the location. She would take “tins” of food and her “rug” (blanket) with her. This is how I surmised it was British.
There were at least two books like this by this author. I read them in the 60s, but I think they were written before that. They were available in my local Midwestern library, (St. Joseph, MO). There were no illustrations or pictures that I recall and, as far as I can remember, the covers were blank. They seemed to be fairly lengthy books, as well.

320L: The Tarot Class Mystery

A pre teen girl moves to a new town and, as a way of meeting people, takes a Tarot reading class. There is an older girl, possibly named Maya, that befriends the protagonist. Some kind of mystery takes place, maybe the brother of the protagonist is falsely accused? I feel like most of the action happens around the little shop where the Tarot classes happen.

320E: Anthropomorphic Animal Mystery Story

I’m looking for a children’s book I read in the late 70s although I don’t know if it was published around that time or earlier. I was about 7-10 years of age. I had just read The Wind in the Willows and I was interested in this book because it also featured anthropomorphic animals. I want to say that the main characters were squirrels and foxes and the like. They were human-like in that they wore clothes, lived in houses, etc. I believe it was a mystery story perhaps involving a burglary or missing property. I don’t recall it being a picture book although I think it had spot illustrations. Unfortunately, I can’t remember much else except that I enjoyed it a lot, but the details have faded from memory over time. I would love it if someone is able to help me identify it.
Thanks so much!

320A: Rich girl on vacation solves mystery

A series, turn of the century? I'm looking for a YA or children's mystery book I read in the 1990s, though I'm not entirely sure that's when it was published. It was from a series, and this particular book was about a wealthy girl who solved a mystery while on vacation in Europe. It may have taken place around the turn of the century? It wasn't a popular series and the book itself was thin; I think I probably got it at Zany Brainy (if that's of any relevance). The cover was hand drawn, I think featuring the protagonist in a garden of some sort? Hoping someone remembers this!