303M: Who Owns the Sun (not by Chbosky; much younger)

In 1974, aged 4, I repeatedly traced the letters of the book which I recall was entitled Who Owns the Sun?

I have since looked for it and only ever found Chbosky’s Who Owns the Sun online; that is not the book I’m seeking.

In the book I remember, it was thin and paperback with color drawings. The illustrations may have been watercolors but my memory isn’t certain.

The storyline: a chick hatches from its egg on a farm. Once out of the egg, the chick goes from farm animal to farm animal asking “who owns the sun?”

Each farm animal’s response is somewhat unique but amounts to “I don’t know,” or “it isn’t known.” The chick does not learn who owns the sun by the end of the story.

302W: Squirrels in Trees

Somewhere between 1953-1956, on my evening trips with my father to the Rochester (NY) Public Library on Winton Road near University Avenue, in my wanderings among the children’s stacks, I found at my eye level a book about 7”x 5”, about 1/2” thick,  that had a brown cover with an illustration of squirrels. It was about squirrels and other animals in the forest. But squirrels were the stars.

Each page had maybe two short paragraph’s worth of words – maybe three sentences each.  Each page had illustrations too.  It was the first book that looked to me like a “real” book, not a children’s read-to-by-an-adult book.  It was a book I could read, meant to be read by me in solitude.

I read it over and over. I just remember the squirrels, the brownish-orange of the cover, the lovely large print, but not so large that there weren’t paragraphs. The squirrels were very happy  in their forest lives; I was so happy in my reading life.

Not much to go on, that’s for sure. I just paid my four dollars, though. Why not try?


302T: Hansel and Gretel accordion book

Looking for a book we had when we were small, so no later than 1990.  Probably much older, though.  It was a Hansel and Gretel story, told in pictures, I believe.  I don’t think there were words.  It was an accordion book, so card stock or heavier.  It was pastel tones, I believe, probably watercolor.  I remember Hansel having crazy curly blonde hair that stuck out every which way, and them having plump cheeks. The book was probably about 3 inches square, very small. Hope you can help!

302D: A pound with all different kinds of dogs

This book I am looking for is about a pound that has all different kinds of dogs in it waiting all day for their new master to come get them.  As the day goes on one by one a person shows up that looks identical to one of the dogs in the pound and that dog gets to go.  The book is from the perspective of one dog in particular and as every person shows up the dog says “ are you my master?” or something like that “Are you my guy?” or “is this my guy?” and each time it’s not his guy it’s another dogs guy.

And as the people show up one by one, as a kid, you KNOW what dog they are coming for because the person looks identical to the dog.

The day goes on and on and it’s finally dark, they are closing, and this one dog who is narrating is the only dog left.  No one has come for him and he is all alone and very sad.  Finally just as they are closed, HIS GUY, or HIS BOY, shows up and they are identical looking and the dog and the boy are overjoyed that they have found each other and he gets to go home with the boy.

It is driving me crazy that I can’t remember the name of this book or how to find it.  I am 53 so it was probably written in the 1960s.

I’m not sure how to pay for this but Ill go back on the website and make sure to pay but please post this I promised my Mom that I would try to find it!!!

301T: It appears to be about service vehicles

Looking for a children’s book which my mom read to me so many times that she memorized the verses below. The time frame could be anywhere from the early 80’s back to the 40’s. “When a cement truck travels, it mixes water, sand and gravel. When it’s travels are complete, it’s full of freshly made concrete. ” “When someone’s in trouble, the police get a call. The police car can get there in no time at all. It’s flashing lights and siren say, ‘I’m in a hurry. Get out of the way!'” It appears to be about service vehicles. I’ve tried Google searches but came up with nothing. Any help is greatly appreciated!

301O: Reader textbook with story about tree house

I am looking for a textbook-style reader (in the same style as “Dick and Jane” or “Alice and Jerry” books, maybe for 2nd/3rd grade, with a story/chapter about a girl whose father builds her a playhouse/treehouse around a large tree. She decorates her “kitchen” or whatever in red and white, I think. I have not seen this book since. Any clues? Thanks.

301A: The pups get into several cans of paint

Hello! I am so hoping you can help me find an old children's book. Unfortunately I don't have a title....so I know I'm asking a lot.

The description of the book is about two dogs – one big (brown?) dog and one a small (black/multicolored?) dog. The book cover is hardcover, white background with the two dogs on it and several cans of paint. The story is about these two pups getting into several cans of colorful paint, painting paw prints all over the walls (and themselves).

It was my favorite book – I read it over and over as a child. I thought I had saved it but have been unable to find it in my moving boxes from over the years.

Estimated date of the book would be early 1970’s.

300X: The fertile farm bought with three moths (Solved)

This is for my husband. He said he had a reader he loved as a kid. It was published by Scholastic. He said it is about a family who loses everything. The father, mother and at least two kids get in their car and head out. They end up buying a farm which is not fertile because they were taken advantage off. However, the farm is kind of magical and becomes fertile. The farmer who sold it to them comes back at toward the end of the book and wants it back. He says that the father of the family had said he would buy the farm with everything in his wallet and that he did not hold his end of the bargain because there were three moths in his wallet he did not give away. The farmer proceeds to plant trees which grow immediately and turn the day to night because of the shade of their canopies. The family goes hunting for moths with a flashlight and find three moths to pay the bad man with.