333A: Anthology – Tiger Fable, Dog Discipline, Bake a Cake

I read this anthology of children’s literature when I was younger than 12 (I’m 29 now). These probably are not definite, and I don’t know if I would recognize the cover if I saw it, but here’s everything I can remember from it.

There was a Chinese (or some other Asian culture, possibly Indian but I think it was probably Chinese) fable about a group of village children who befriended a tiger. The village’s men chased off this tiger, and then the crops didn’t grow that year, or some similarly implied consequence ensued. I remember this story having an illustration of the children and the tiger under a tree. Or the tiger peering out from the branches of a tree.

There was also a story about a group of kids baking a cake for their babysitter, but they botched it up somehow, getting the ingredients wrong. I think that the babysitter found out about it, and was so grateful for their thoughtfulness that she bought or baked them a cake herself.

Then there was a poem about a kid explaining how he disciplines his dog with a rolled up newspaper. I also remember an illustration with a full-view of a backyard with some kids building a tree house, and there might have been a sign that said “No Girls.”

I don’t know when it was published, but the style was similar to the 40’s and 50’s style used in the “Dick and Jane” books. It might have a similar title to Good Times with Our Friends (a book by Dorothy Baruch) because I asked my Mom for it when I was a kid, and she confused the titles. I thought I’d found it when I ordered Through Golden Windows: Good Times Together, but although there were many similarities, the tiger story, dog poem and tree house picture weren’t in there.

330Y: World Girl History Series, Including Dolls (Solved!)

I’m looking for an early-to-mid-90s “American Girl”-style series of short illustrated chapter books about girls living in different periods of world history, each with their own 18-inch doll.

I am definitively NOT remembering Pleasant Company’s own “Girls of Many Lands” series. Believe me, that comes up every time I try to Google this series and it’s not the one I’m thinking of.

The line may have launched with one book for each doll, then gone out of business before publishing more books; I only remember the first book for each character, most likely obtained through the Scholastic Book Fair.

The characters and books were, as well as I can recall:
– An English girl in the 1100s who was into falconry. Name may have been Elinor/Eleanor. Vivid recollection of the cover: a blond girl in a dull blue dress reaching out to touch a falcon.
– An African (I want to say Igbo?) girl from the 1400s. Vivid recollection of her helping her older sister put on makeup before her wedding, including interior illustration of her applying the makeup. (I remember being surprised that they had makeup way back then. For some reason, that’s what stuck with me.)
– A French girl in the 1700s who wanted to be a ballet dancer. Name may have been Marie, or Marie-Something, or Something-Marie. Cover showed her dancing on a Parisian street.
– An Irish immigrant girl living in San Francisco in the late 1800s. Name may have been Bridget or some other extremely Irish name. Cover may have featured her holding a book to her chest and gazing meaningfully off into the distance. She had curly red hair because of course she did. I believe she also had a Chinese immigrant friend or potential friend who barely showed up and whom I hoped I’d read more about in later books. Vivid recollection of one scene in which she and another girl bond over how much they loved “Little Women” and cried over “the part with Beth.”

There may have been more; those are just the four I remember. On the last page of each book was a perforated card with a photograph of the dolls on it. You could tear out the card and send it away with a check to order a doll. They looked very much like American Girl dolls, so much that even as a child I could tell right away, “Oh, these people are totally ripping off American Girl.” But I could forgive them because hey, history’s a lot bigger than just America! Someone’s gotta fill that niche!

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

330V: Children’s Book, Poor Artistic Family, Toilet Paper Drawings

I have vivid memories of a children’s chapter book I got out of a Canadian library or school sometime in the mid-’90s. It was about an extremely poor family, a mother, a father, and a daughter who lived in a RV or mobile home or carriage or something; when the daughter registers for school, she says she has no address or birthplace because she was always moving.

They are so poor they can’t afford paper, and so the mother or father, a very talented artist, makes lots of drawings on toilet paper.

There are lots of comic-like drawings—I remember one which had a fork and peas in two panels, the first captioned “unsteady fork, steady peas” and the next with the peas falling off labelled “steady fork, unsteady peas.”

At one point, the daughter gets a letter sent to her with a drawing (reproduced in the book)—right side up it looks like a toucan, upside down it’s a man sitting on a toilet.

324Y: Fairies and Giants and Creatures In One Massive Compilation

I am looking for a children’s book I read in the late 70s or early 80s that was about fairies and giants and other mystical creatures. It was huge (to a 6 year old!), 13 to 15 inches in height & hundreds of pages printed on very thin tissue-like paper that was pastel multi-coloured, in sections. A pink section, then a yellow section, then a pale green section, etc. I believe the coloured sections coordinated with the sections of the book which i think were divided into “stories about giants”, “stories about fairies”. It may have had “A Great Big Book….” or “The Big Book of….” in the title. It was large print with pictures here and there.

Thank you!!

323H: Tree On A Hill

Children’s Chapter Book, 4-Book Series, 1 for Each Season (Around late 80’s). These books may have also had a boy and a dog. There were frequent pictures along with the words. My guess is that the length of the books were around 30-40 pages. I can’t recall anything else. Thanks for your help!

321P: Boys Communicate By Flashlight

2 boys, best friends, who live next door to one another, communicate with one another at or near bed time by writing messages on window shades and shining their flashlights up onto the shade. One of the boys may have been named Andrew. Early chapter book and it was a small series of books. The last one our teacher read to us, one of the boys was moving away at the end. This was read to my class in the 2nd grade (1989-1990), don’t know if it was newly published or something the teacher had been reading to her classes for some time.

320M: Fairy Baking Competition

Hi there, I'm looking for a book, I can’t seem to remember the title. It’s a children’s book. Hot pink cover with a fairy on the front on top of a cupcake and it has sparkles on the cover as well. Book for ages 4-8. It was a book about a baking competition and it had a recipe in it. Small print writing. That’s all I remember.

319V: Children’s Series About Shoes

I’m looking for a series of early reader books about shoes. The series was already old (in my recollection) in 1981, the books were square, and the one that stands out in my mind had a red party shoe on it? Maybe it was sparkly, maybe it was patent leather? Not sure.
As I search for it I keep coming up with the series by Noel Streatfield but those were probably too advanced for a kindergartner.
Please let me know if you remember this book.

317N: A Man with Unoriginal Neighbors

Looking for a children’s (early reader?) book. I read it during the 1970’s but not sure when published. The story line is as follows: a man lived in a house on a street where all houses looked exactly the same. So he paints his house. Everyone paints the same color? He plants a bush. Everyone plants a bush. Not sure if that was the order of sequence as to what he did to make his house look different. I cannot remember the title.