324W: Dinosaurs Galore

I was looking for my favorite book as a child when I stumbled across this website.  It was a hardcover (thinner) book on Dinosaurs.  The covers were gray, I believe it had a Tyrannosaurus Rex on the front cover, possibly in red writing.
Regretfully I don’t remember the exact title, just Dinosaurs, it was purchased around 1992.
Each page showed large depictions of each dinosaur in its natural habitat and some pictures were quite scary (or maybe that’s because I was a kid).
On the back cover or towards the back of the picture book it had a depiction of a Saber Tooth Tiger attacking or eating another dinosaur.

324T: Redhead Making A Necklace

I’m looking for a picture book that is possibly German, maybe Swedish or maybe something else. It is illustrated in a very rough ripped paper collage. There is a little girl who is making a necklace; I think she is naked or  barely clothed. She has red hair. At one point she goes into a cave with gems and gets a gem for her necklace. I never actually read the words as I don’t speak whatever language it was in. She may have also gotten a shell for her necklace but I’m less sure of that. Thanks so much for any help.

324Q: Aesop’s Fables and Fairy Tale Collection

Looking for an illustrated hardcover children’s book, a collection of fairy tales from the late 1970s to the mid 1980s. It contained stories from Hans Christian Anderson (including The Princess and the Pea), the Grimm Brothers, and other authors. It included The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde. It also had a section of Aesop’s Fables. The table of contents separated out the Aesop’s Fables from the other types of stories. Please help me find this book, thank you so much!

324J: Man On Beach With Watch Is Real Bore

This one seems a real stumper but I would be so grateful to anyone who can help! Do not know the title.

It’s all a bit fuzzy but here is what I remember.  It was about a man who would stand on a beach (I think) maybe in France. The pictures were pastel colored and the beach goers (men ) wore those lovely long old bathing suits with stripes and they would change in little tents on the beach. Like the 1920’s ….. but it may have been later.  The man, our protagonist, clad in a three piece suit would occasionally be asked the time by a passerby and he would pull out his pocket watch and start nattering on about its materials and history, of which he was very proud. Eventually the people would move on, never getting the time out of him.

The point was he was lonely and eager to engage anyone in conversation. So would bore them to death with his watch’s details. “This part is gold plated and was made in the time of King Louis the XVI or such and such. “ or something like that.

I grew up in the 70’s in Europe so it may be more European and not American – like the Enid Blytons etc…… I miss my dad reading this to me. Want to find this book. Can you help?

324C: Child Tries and Fails to Downsize Possessions

Child is given three boxes to clean their room: one to keep, one to give away & one for trash.  Children’s hardcover book, possibly from the 1970’s.

As the child sorts through their room, instead of sorting into the give away or trash, their imagination takes over with each item, with detailed illustrations, and they convince themselves they must keep everything.

324A: Painting in Colors

Hi, I’m trying to find a book from the 70’s.  It was given to me by my father who was a professional photographer.

I’m not 100% sure of the title but I think it was called “Paint in Color.”

It had different color “gels” in the book of primary colors that when cleverly combined made a new color. Ex. Blue and yellow made green and so on and so on.

Any one remember this book?

323Y: Cream Puff Craziness

My parents read this book to me in the early- to mid-1970s. It was probably published around then, though earlier is also possible. It was a children’s picture book, fiction, and I remember that it had something to do with cream puffs. Not sure if cream puffs were in the title or not. To be honest, although to me cream puffs were very important to the book, I also wonder if that was just what my child-brain clung to. Thank you!

323W: Small White Teddy Bear Looking For A Home

I am looking for a book that I read in the mid 80s to early 90s. It is a book about a tiny white teddy bear who is lost and/or looking for a home. There are scenes of him wandering throughout a field. They also have him staged in a birdhouse…perhaps a dollhouse. This book is not illustrated. It is a series of photographs of a tiny white teddy bear staged in different locations. One of the locations is a birdhouse or dollhouse, one of the locations is a field. I don’t remember anything else. I submitted a query nearly 10 years ago, now 🙁 I’ve been looking since! Thank you


323S: Reviled Colorful New Neighbor Saves Family From Fire

I’ve tried to track down this book periodically over the past few years with no success. I can’t remember the title or author at all. I don’t know when it was published, but I would have read this in the early 90s—and I don’t remember it seeming physically like an old book. I’m not sure if I can’t find it because it’s rare (hopefully not!), or if I’m just not using the right search terms. Maybe you can help! Here’s what I remember:

It’s a richly illustrated picture book about a quirky, flamboyant man (I’m pretty sure he wears a top hat?) who moves into a drab, stuffy neighborhood where he is ostracized by the uptight parents in the community. The illustrations are somewhat stylized (maybe — but not definitely — collage). One day, neighborhood children, who have been warned by their parents to stay away from this oddball, accidentally break his window with a baseball. (Or maybe they just hit it into is yard… I can’t quite remember.) In any case, when they go to retrieve their ball they discover this guy to be incredibly kind and welcoming. I think he gives them some pink lemonade.

The children, their parents, their houses, and the neighborhood in general are rendered in black and white, but the inside of the stranger’s house is bright and colorful. I can’t remember exactly what happens next, but I think the kids and the man become friends. When the parents find out, they are furious and forbid the children from hanging out with the man, which breaks his heart. I think the inside of his house turns black and white at that point.

But one night, the “ringleader” parent’s house catches on fire, and the strange man saves the family. I think I remember a page where the text is stylized to look like smoke. And I remember an illustration of the family members jumping from the window into a tarp held by firefighters (or maybe townspeople.) This leads the community to accept the strange newcomer, and the entire town bursts into color.

For whatever reason, I cannot figure out what this book is. And it is driving me crazy! If any of this rings a bell, I’d be thrilled. Sincerest apologies for all the vague rambling. And thank you!