302D: A pound with all different kinds of dogs

This book I am looking for is about a pound that has all different kinds of dogs in it waiting all day for their new master to come get them.  As the day goes on one by one a person shows up that looks identical to one of the dogs in the pound and that dog gets to go.  The book is from the perspective of one dog in particular and as every person shows up the dog says “ are you my master?” or something like that “Are you my guy?” or “is this my guy?” and each time it’s not his guy it’s another dogs guy.

And as the people show up one by one, as a kid, you KNOW what dog they are coming for because the person looks identical to the dog.

The day goes on and on and it’s finally dark, they are closing, and this one dog who is narrating is the only dog left.  No one has come for him and he is all alone and very sad.  Finally just as they are closed, HIS GUY, or HIS BOY, shows up and they are identical looking and the dog and the boy are overjoyed that they have found each other and he gets to go home with the boy.

It is driving me crazy that I can’t remember the name of this book or how to find it.  I am 53 so it was probably written in the 1960s.

I’m not sure how to pay for this but Ill go back on the website and make sure to pay but please post this I promised my Mom that I would try to find it!!!

302B: A hedgehog named Harriet

I am looking for a children’s picture book about a hedgehog named Harriet. The thing that I remember best was that she wore red high heels. This was my baby brother’s favorite book in the 70’s, so I am guessing it was released in the 60’s or 70’s. I don’t think that it would be older than that based on what I remember about the pictures. He recently passed away and my mother would really like to find a copy. I have done a lot of searching and have not been able to find even a clue. Please help!

301Z: A boy searches for his father

I remember reading a picture book when I was a kid, it was a story about a boy who lived in a snowy area and he was searching for his father. Along the journey, he defeats an animal and uses its horns/claws/teeth? And uses them to skate across a frozen lake bed and finds his father. The boy was relieved to find his father, but the father told him that it was too late, that he had run out of time or something. The book was fairly short, unfortunately that’s all I remember from the story. I remember reading it sometime around 1992-1999, when I was in elementary school, but no idea when the book itself was published. I have always remembered the book every Christmas, but could never find it.

Other details that I can think of is that the story initially starts off with the boy and his mother in a wooden cabin as she is preparing dinner(?). The boy asks the mom where the father is and eventually goes out to look for him.

Please let me know if you require any more details, I will be sure to let you know if I can remember anything else.

301T: It appears to be about service vehicles

Looking for a children’s book which my mom read to me so many times that she memorized the verses below. The time frame could be anywhere from the early 80’s back to the 40’s. “When a cement truck travels, it mixes water, sand and gravel. When it’s travels are complete, it’s full of freshly made concrete. ” “When someone’s in trouble, the police get a call. The police car can get there in no time at all. It’s flashing lights and siren say, ‘I’m in a hurry. Get out of the way!'” It appears to be about service vehicles. I’ve tried Google searches but came up with nothing. Any help is greatly appreciated!

301Q: Choosing a bear (Solved)

Looking for a children’s picture book, possibly published between 1970 and 1990.

The book is about a child going into a store (I think) to choose a bear. There are many to choose from which we are introduced to on the following pages, groom bear, bride bear, stinky bear, sleepy bear, etc.

In the end the child is asked “which one will you choose?” and his/her choice.

301P: A boy makes a “Dagwood” style sandwich (Solved)

1960s children’s picture book about a boy making a tall, stacked “Dagwood” style sandwich.  The text is minimal – “a little of this, a bit of that, and some bread”. There is a girl (sister?) watching him in amusement. The focus is on the entertaining parade of sandwich ingrediants. The pictures are not full color and are sketchy and “modern” in feel.  As a kid this book made me want to make sandwiches every time I read it!

301L: The Sun is Put to Bed

I’m looking for a beautifully illustrated English language children’s book published in the early eighties or possibly late seventies. It was an important part of my childhood that was sadly lost in a move and I just cannot remember its name (I was 8 when it was lost). We lived in England at the time so I’m guessing it was published there.

The illustration was old-fashioned and in full-colour. I think it was art nouveau or art deco style. The theme of the book was about how the sun is put to bed and the night-time gotten ready for. This was done by illustrating most elements using textile symbols. So, curtains were drawn across a sleepy sun, a backdrop of stars was pulled down, the moon was a button that (I think) was hoisted into position, there was scaffolding erected around the moon so it could be cleaned. A cow and a spoon jumped over the moon at one point.

The book was not long, definitely more of a picture book with most illustrations in blue and white colour ways. The text was poetic and may have rhymed. It was a bedtime story for young children. The paper was thick with a matte finish.

If you could help me find this book I would be so, so, so grateful. It was a childhood gift from my much-loved godmother and I think it about it often.

301K: White Bear a in Blue Dress Goes to a Ball

I’m looking for a children’s picture book that features a white bear – I think her name was Edwina but I am not positive. At some point in the story, she puts on a pale blue satin fancy dress and I think she goes to a ball. I owned this book but can’t find it. I would have purchased it between 1990 and 1993. My daughter (who is now 24) marks this book as one of her earliest memories. She was so enamored with this book that I sewed her a pale blue satin dress to match the one the bear wore in the book and she wore it all the time when she was two or three. I still have the dress but can’t find the book. Her birthday is in October and I’d love to find and purchase a copy of this book if I can find it. Thank you in advance for any help!

301I: Catching Fireflies in a Jar

Looking for a children’s picture book that I read sometime between 1969-1973. The story of a young girl and her brother, or sister, catching fireflies in a jar, on a summer night.

The children’s mother (or grandmother) finds an empty glass jar in the pantry and explains how to catch the magical fireflies (she may have caught fireflies herself, as a child).

I recall the beautiful illustrations for this story, which perfectly portrayed the inky, soft atmosphere of a summer evening, filled with hundreds of glowing fireflies. The night sky was created with dark blues and purples, perhaps in pastel chalk or watercolors.

The children’s hair may have looked silvery in the starlight.

I think the fireflies were only kept in the jar for a short time and then were released into the night air.