308L: Mole in the hole (Solved)

A mole is asleep in a hole but a bear (I think) thinks that he fell in and is hurt. He tries to get help but has to bargain with other animals e.g. horse has a rope but he wants a brush to swap, so bear goes to squirrel to get a brush but he wants nuts (I think) … eventually bear gets back to mole to find out he was only asleep

308K: Dear Brains Trust

I am on a search for a particular children’s picture book. The description I can give is very vague, and I have no title or author name. It *might* be a foreign book translated into English, but I can’t be sure. I got a copy of this book in about 1986 – but it is probably a fair bit older than that. I’m guessing 1970s, but maybe even earlier.

Basically the book is about a naughty little boy who gets sent to his room. He is an angry young man and begins tearing up his room. The one specific thing I remember about the book was that the little boy tore all his wallpaper apart, and this separated the male shepherds from the female shepherds who were shown in the picture as very sad and crying.

The only other bit of information I can add is that I remember the illustrations were not very brightly coloured – they were pastel and had a sombre tone, but kind of brilliant (and a little scary when you’re 5 or 6).

I have googled my heart out with no luck so I’m hoping you can help!

308A: Penny for your thoughts, a girl and her parents

I am looking for a children’s color illustration picture book that is about 15 to 20 years old, maybe 25 years or so. Unfortunately, I do not recall the title or author. It may have been a Scholastic book, but I am not sure. The characters had no recognizable names, such as Madeline, Judy Bloom, etc., as I recall.

It was about a young girl and her parents. It was a  series of illustrations showing different scenes, with the girl and her parents with a different fantasy happening, such as they are on the beach at night and you see pirates approaching, and in each scene the girl asks if her parents would let her go and the response is always the same, something like “For a nickel I would” or “We would for a nickel.”

It was a short book, not chapters, maybe about 10 to 12 scenes (each scene covered two pages as I recall) and page size was at least paper size or magazine size, not a small book. I can locate a number of books using the word nickel in the title, but I do not believe the word nickel was in the title of the book I seek, and it was not about the nickel (as the subject of the story), it was about the girl and her parents interaction about letting her go on each adventure.

Any help or suggestions on how to track this down would be appreciated.

Thank you.

307X: Anglund Ballet

I’m looking for a ballet book that was (I believe) illustrated by Joan Walsh Anglund. It may not have been her. However in my mind this is what the girls int he book looked like. I cannot find it in the list of books she published. perhaps she just illustrated and did not write it?


307W: Shout

I am looking for a “picture book” for older students.  It was probably published between 2002 and 2012.  It is narrated by an African American girl who tells the story of going to church with her mama. The book is written in poetry and is beautifully illustrated.  I think it has the word “shout” in its title.  Here are the last 9 lines of the text:


I can still hear a myriad of

African musicians playing

On our shoulder, on our heartstrings

And we, still spirit-touched in

Our modern dance, move

Onward, upward, reaching

Til we’re tracing back through time

The same steps, that same familiar…




307U: An industrious beaver

I am searching for a picture book from my youth about a beaver that became increasingly industrious and started turning into some sort of earth-moving machine – a bulldozer or steam-shovel, I can’t really recall.  Had the usual overtones about destroying the environment.  Anyway I remember really liking it and am now looking for it for my son.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  My Google searching efforts have been in vain since I can’t remember the title or author at all.

307K: Berries in front of the fire

I had a book as a child that was about 10-12 inches long and about the size of normal tablet paper. It was hard back and rather thin with no more than 50-75 pages but probably much less. The outside cover was a light bluish color leaning toward the teal side of the blue spectrum. It had whimsical pictures with each short story and was about animals such as a Rabbit, Hedgehog/Porcupine and possibly a raccoon. There are a few stories I remember a little of. Most of what I remember are the illustrations and I have been searching near and far for many years. I was born in 77, so it had to have been published before then, right around then and or no later than very early 80's. One story, one of the animals takes his fathers boot and makes a flower pot out of it for his mom. Another story there is a rustic fireplace and a porcupine/hedgehog and another animal are eating berries in front of the fire. Another, there is a sort of party outside and the table was made from a tree with stumps as seats. This is not any of the classics like Peter rabbit, wind in the willows etc. Its very obscure in my opinion. I cannot remember the author or title but I will know instantly if its "the" book if I could just find one of the illustrations but I have been unsuccessful for so many years. I hope very much that you are able to help me.

307H: Children’s book with moveable character on a string (Solved)

Last summer, I bought my son a new children’s book which contained several characters which dangled from the book on strings – the concept was that you could move the characters in between pages so they could give “hugs” to the other characters. I bought it because it reminded me so much of a book I loved as a child. When I brought the new book home, my sister had the same reaction: “this is making me think of a book from when we were growing up!”
The best clues I can come up with:
– I was born in 1984 and my sister in 1980 (we also have a younger brother born in 1987).
– Our grandma loved to give us vintage books, so it may have been even older, though I suspect it was from the 1980s.
– There was one character on a string, sturdier than a single sheet of paper but not as thick as a board book. The string–about 6 inches long–was glued into the binding of the book. The concept was to move the character from page to page and bring him throughout the story of the book. He was probably about 2 or 3 inches tall.
– The book had interactive elements – for example, I remember vividly that you could somehow insert him on a slide, and he could “ride” down the slide as you pushed the little character along the page.
– I think the character was an animal (a bear? A weasel? Something brown?) but my memory is so faint on this that it may very well have been a human.