320N: Toy Store With Trains

I am looking for a children’s book about an old man who had a toy store. It may have been toy trains. They had pneumatic tubes. I remember a picture in the book where the man and a young boy are looking through a big window at a miniature city of toy trains. My guess on publication date is the 1970’s.  I've thought a lot about it and maybe the old man was a banker.


320J: Fold-Out Illustrated Pig’s Adventure Series

I’m looking for a book about a pig (or some animal, but I am pretty sure it was a pig) who goes on adventures. The books were a series, and were all fold-out books, with illustrations only, no text. The books were wider than they were tall, to accommodate the fold-out pages, which were flaps that unfolded to the right. One that I remember involved the pig going camping and getting rained on. I read them in the early ’80s, so I imagine they were published in the ’60s or ’70s.

319U: Pike Threatens Duck Family

Hello! I am looking for a book that my father used to read to me when I was a kid (late 90s). As far as I can remember it was about a family of ducks(?) who were often threatened by a scary pike in the area. I remember it had pictures, and I could have sworn it was called ‘all through the night’ but haven’t been able to find that title. I’ve been searching for years without any success! 

319O: Little Boy Turns Into Tiger

Looking for name/author of a kids book from early 70s about a boy who dresses up as a tiger, but the book is written like he IS a tiger. He lays "on a tree branch" (actually the back of the sofa, I think), scares his sister, etc. At the end, he finally takes off the costume and goes to sleep. I think the artwork was pen and ink and the cover was orange, but I can't be positive after all this time.

319F: Island Girl Disappointed With Porcelain Doll (Solved)

A Little Golden Book (or similar style) about a young island (Polynesian?) girl.  A ship's captain visiting her village gifts her with a porcelain doll.  She tries to play with it as she had her own doll, but found that she couldn't get it wet, or feed it sand cakes, etc.  It was a book my grandmother had, but I'm pretty sure it's not a vintage book - probably no older than the 1960's (but that's 10 year old me remembering. )  Still, I don't remember the graphics being older looking.  It was the size, shape and length of a Golden Book.

319E: Getting Swallowed By A Whale

I vaguely remember the book.  I read it at a very young age, and I was born in 1997.  I brought it up to my mother and even she vaguely remembers, but we are both so stumped, and Google has produced nothing.
The layout of the book was to be landscape format, I believe, and I am pretty sure it was not hard covered, but soft (I am sure that does not even matter).  The artwork, however, I remember is dark colors and what I would assume to be an oil style of painting?  Maybe acrylic, but very Van Gogh-esque with swirls of red and blacks with slight bits of yellow.  I am pretty sure it is a woman, maybe a witch?  I know there is some sort of magic involved, but I think she lives in the belly of a whale, and a man gets swallowed and finds her in there, or he just lives in there.  All I know is someone gets swallowed by a whale and lives in it and the swirls, so many swirls and so much red.  The tone of the book was a bit darker, and I think there may have been a storm at night?  I cannot get this book out of my head, at all, for the last few years.  Please help!

319B: The Witch Sisters Scare Their Neighbor

Looking for a picture book my girlfriend read in the 90s. She says it was about two witches (sisters?), one nice and one "mean."  They had an uptight neighbor who got mad at the nice one about her vegetable garden and so the mean one made the pumpkin big and scared him. She thinks the mean one was named Madam Mehetabel and that this might have been part of the title.

318Z: Monsters In The Piano

The title, actually the subtitle, was something like "OR, The Things in [girl's name, I think it might have been Susan]'s Piano."  It was about a girl who was bad at playing the piano, maybe willfully from refusing to practice, and inside the piano were monsters who were hurt or injured or horrified or angry or something, by her bad playing.  They may have been musical notes come to life.  It was a picture book in my elementary school library, so it was published before 1982.  Probably in the 70s.  It was sort of psychedelic and the characters were almost ugly, deliberately so.  I remember lots of teeth in big mouths.

318X: Child’s Introduction to Holland

I am looking for a children’s book I memorized at age 3 in 1945.  I believe the title is: The Land of the Dutch, Dutch, Dutch.  I do not know the author or illustrator.  It is a child’s introduction to Holland.  As a child, I recited the book to any guests in our home.  As a teenager, I was an exchange student in Holland.

318N: Mermaid with two fins, gives “prince” lock of her hair

Looking for picture book loosely based on The Little Mermaid. In this version, the mermaid has two tails instead of one. She meets and falls in love with a sea captain, and when he leaves she gives him a lock of her hair to wear around his finger. She cries on the rocks like her grandmother did once after he leaves. The captain forgets about her but encounters a witch later on who reminds him of what he promised, and I think it ends with him jumping overboard.