320C: Teen Girl Befriends Contessa On The French Riviera

I remember an excerpt of a novel for teens, reprinted in some English literature compilation under what I think was the title “The Contessa and Me” but that was not the title of the book it came from. A teen is at a hotel that her possibly British or American parents run on the French Riviera. She befriends a Contessa there. There is a scene where she cleans up after a party where I believe the Contessa had too much champagne to drink. It’s kind of a coming of age story. The excerpt was one part of the book which I think was divided into three parts total or possibly was a series of short stories on the same characters. At one time I read the other two parts somehow but don’t recall the overall name or author.

320A: Rich girl on vacation solves mystery

A series, turn of the century? I'm looking for a YA or children's mystery book I read in the 1990s, though I'm not entirely sure that's when it was published. It was from a series, and this particular book was about a wealthy girl who solved a mystery while on vacation in Europe. It may have taken place around the turn of the century? It wasn't a popular series and the book itself was thin; I think I probably got it at Zany Brainy (if that's of any relevance). The cover was hand drawn, I think featuring the protagonist in a garden of some sort? Hoping someone remembers this!

319Z: Turn, Turn, Turn

This young adult book from the 1960s or 1970s was set in the Southwest, maybe Arizona or New Mexico. A girl's parents have divorced so she is sent to live with her father, I think. The song "For everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn" is featured in the story somehow. Some of the characters in the story are Native American but I'm not sure whether the girl and her father are, or not.

319P: Terrifying Baby Thief

I got a book from a scholastic book fair back in the 1990s. It was about a girl who lived in a house with her baby brother (maybe sister). There was a creature in the woods who stole the baby and she had to rescue him/her. The cover was terrifying (at least to 11 year old me) and I even bought it twice because the cover came off of one.

This creature was maybe a witch or something that needed the youth of the baby to survive – it fed off of the baby or something like that. The book would probably have been written between 1985 and 1995, young adult thriller/horror/fantasy.

Any help is appreciated!!!

319H: Teenage Girl Deals With Kangaroo Court

I am looking for a book that was probably written in the 1950s or early 1960s.  It was a part of my grade school library, a school that converted from a K-12 school to a K-8 in 1965 or so.  The book might have been written as a young adult novel.  It was about a teenage girl and her dealing with high school life (boyfriends, homework, mean girls).  I do remember that one chapter was titled “The Kangaroo Court”.  I do not remember the very much more about the book, but “Pink” comes to mind – either part of the title or another chapter.  I hope this jogs someone’s memory!

317M: Plagiarized Book Report Leads to Personal Growth

I am desperately trying to recall the name of a book I believe I read in my youth (I suspect in middle school so most likely a YA novel) in which a plot point turns on the plagiarism of a book report by the protagonist that is to be the final assignment of the year (possibly of seventh grade). The assignment in question is simply to write a book report on any book (I remember being confused by the lack of constraints and specificity in the assignment and this felt like a detail that aged the book. I likely read the book in the mid- or early nineties, but suspect it was written in the seventies. ) At the library to select a book for his assignment, the protagonist looks over a book -- which I believe to be Johnny Tremain, though I am not 100% certain -- and notices that the novel's plot is neatly summarized on the back cover. He checks it out and returns home, but puts off the assignment for several days. Anxious to be done with his assigned work for the year, rather than actually reading the book, the protagonist eventually caves and copies the summary from the book's back cover, submitting the work as his own. (Again, I believe the book from/for which the protagonist plagiarized his assignment is Johnny Tremain but I am not 100% sure. ) When his misdeed is discovered, the protagonist's teacher takes pity and agrees not to flunk him for the year, so long as he spends his summer successfully writing original book reports on ten different books as punishment.

As I recall, it is essentially a coming of age novel; most of the story transpires throughout the course of the summer and the ten reports serve as time markers or a leitmotif of sorts as the protagonist matures throughout the summer-- possibly coming to terms with disruptive changes in his family/home life during the process -- and by the end of the summer he has, if not quite become an enthusiastic reader, at least become so adept at quickly reading and summarizing novels that he cannot believe that just several months earlier he found the task so onerous and burdensome as to be driven to commit plagiarism rather than suffer through the reading and summarizing of a single novel. Sadly, I recall very little else about the book but this one plot point, other than that the main character's home life was perhaps somewhat tumultuous, or at least that he seemed to lack for a father figure, which the teacher perhaps senses and attempts to step in as a surrogate in some capacity. As such, his parents' separation or impending divorce may have been a plot point but I can't recall with certainty. Baseball may have been a significant theme as well in some capacity but I am not certain about this either.

Sadly I can recall absolutely nothing else about the book. I had not thought of it in years, but something I encountered in a podcast recently sparked my memory of this plot point -- specifically a supposedly unrelated anecdote about an attempted plagiarism by a middle schooler of an assigned book report on Johnny Tremain -- and of the book as somewhat formative for me. My clear memory of this isolated narrative set against my utter inability to recall anything else about the book in question has been bedeviling me. If you can help me in any way I will be forever in your debt.

316J: Japanese Young Adult Story of Unrequited Love

A young Japanese woman/girl falls in love with an older man/one who is beyond her social class. She writes all her feelings as journal entries/poems (maybe in letters to him?). Her love is unrequited but she remains strong in her sense of self as well as in her love for him. The plot reminds me very much of Snow Country, but I do not think it is the same book, since the book I am looking for was in my VERY conservative Christian elementary/high school library, in the young adult fiction section. The illustration on the cover is in a traditional Japanese style, as were the minimal illustrations throughout. The book is short (about 100 pages, give or take) and small in size. Snow drops and/or cherry blossoms were a trope throughout the book and may have been part of the title and/or cover illustration.