143J: Rocking Horse for Christmas

A 1950’s or 60’s children’s christmas book – a drawing of snow , a small bridge over a stream, a house in the back ground – a rocking horse in the window.  I think it was about the rocking  horse for Christmas. Almost looked like a hard cover Little golden book.


6 thoughts on “143J: Rocking Horse for Christmas

  1. Rebecca Holton

    It sounds like A Little Cowboy’s Christmas, by Marcia Martin. Copyright 1951, it is about a little boy who gets a rocking horse for Christmas. One illustration depicts Daddy’s car driving over a road to a lighted house with a white rocking horse in the window. It is a Wonder Book, which is similar to a Little Golden Book in size.

    1. Mark Coomer

      This was dramatic stuff for me as a little boy. Daddy lost in a snowstorm, the little shop in the woods. I remembered it today (born in 1953) and searched online without success until I remembered the gift was a rocking horse. Thanks, Rebecca Holton!

  2. Eidann

    I adored this book. I was a little “cowgirl.” I used to stare at that rocking horse in that colorful scene in the window and think how beauitiful if all was. 🙂

  3. Noreen

    I recall a similar book and thought it was a girl. She wanted a horse for xmas and the father was searching everywhere. He comes across a cute little shop with the rocking horse in the window and the owner looks a lot like Santa.

  4. Mark Coomer

    I suddenly remembered this book today. Could not remember the title, the author, or anything. Read it as a little boy many times (born in 1953). The pictures stuck in my head. The daddy lost in a snowstorm and he encounters the little shop. Searched online today without success until I finally remember the gift: a rocking horse in the window! Dramatic stuff for a little kid. Among my favorite stories then. Thanks for the info, Rebecca Holton

    1. Neil

      Hi I was born in 1955 and think this book but could not recall any details. Just that a father went out in the snow to get his son the rocking horse.


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