249C: Green Poodles

I read this in the 60’s when I was in grade school. It is a mystery. Involves two or three children and a mysterious painting that ends up having two poodles painted on it. The Green comes from the name of the children (i think) It has been too long ago to remember all the details.

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  1. This book is actually called The Green Poodles. It’s written and illustrated by Charlotte Baker, published in 1956.

    Distant cousin Fern comes to live with the Green family and brings her champion showdog poodle, Juliet. There is a mystery involving a painting that was cut into two pieces, and the children solve it while learning to run a kennel and train dogs.

  2. Could it be The Green Poodles by Charlotte Baker?

    Allan was the only one of the Greens who really wanted Cousin Fern to come from England to live with them at Pond Farm in East Texas. But as Aunt Lena said, “A Green is a Green, and Greens stick together.” So Fern came. And with her came Juliet, a Champion silver poodle. The farm was never the same after that.

  3. I loved this book! I bought a used copy from the library booksale, and I still have it. Somewhere.

    It is called The Green Poodles, and it’s by Charlotte Baker. Four (or maybe three) children lose their parents, and their aunt comes from England to help care for them. She brings her silver poodle with her. The kids have a black poodle, and there’s a mystery about puppies and paintings, and who owns the farm they live on. Because the farm ownership is in question, the kids think they have to raise a lot of money or lose their home. They decide to show the puppies at some famous show for the prize money. There’s something about a painting, and when they clean it, they discover that the house used to be a kennel called The Green Poodles. Their last name is Green, which makes it kind of a play on words. Everything ends well, of course.

    Now I kind of want to go find my copy!

  4. This was my VERY FAVORITE BOOK in elementary school; I begged my mom to buy a copy, but at that time (1960s) it was out of print. It was one of the first books I went looking for when I realized you could find books on the internet. Becca and Celest have the closest correct description. It isn’t the aunt who comes to care for the kids; it’s a little girl who comes from England and brings her champion poodle with her.

  5. I also read the Green Poodles in 5th or 6th grade. My parents raised Poodles and I loved this book. I would love to purchase a copy of it now…I loved animal stories!!!

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