257B: Children’s bedtime story about a man called Harum Scarum

The book was either published in the 1970-1980’s I believe, since late 1970’s was when I read it. It was a children’s story about Harum Scarum, an old man that was known by the children to be mean. Harum Scarum became nice and gave the children his candy. It was a beautiful short story about how the man was a good person, but just because the kids thought he was mean, they didn’t interact with him. They found out he was a nice person when he gifted them candy. If I’m not mistaken, the setting was a farm or the outskirts of town. The story was in a book that had several bedtime stories in it. I can’t find the title of the book or the name of the story. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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  1. Did the book also have stories about
    1) a group of children go skiing and one of them steals cookies, the girl who baked the cookies tells the children that if they stole the cookies their hair would turn green and Bobby takes his hat off and looks in the mirror, revealing he’s the thief
    2) a bear breaks into the children’s house
    3) a girl wins a goose at a fair

    If so I’m looking for that book too!

  2. And the story of Harum Scarum, He was actually a lollipop man, helping the children cross the street. If anyone knows which book this story is in, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  3. I remember he had long hair and really long, creepy fingers. His house was very sinister looking and sat on a hill. It was autumn in the story. I’ve asked my mum to try and remember more!

    • Yes, this is the story I have been looking for for years. Do you happen to name of book where the story Harum Scarum is included? I would be so grateful with any info. Thanks Lucy

    • Hi Lucy, Just wanted to pick your brains 🙂 and see if you recall anything else about the story, or even the book. Your help would be amazing. I really appreciate it. Thank you!

      • Hi Kath, I’ve been wracking my brains and can’t remember any other details! I asked mum and she only vaguely remembers it. How can we find it!?

        • I wish We can find it:) . Do you recall any other stories in the book that may help us find it or What year do you think the book was published in roughly? Your help is amazing :). Thanks Lucy

  4. I fondly remember the story, it was my favourite bedtime story when I was a kid – my mum got fed up of reading it! Sadly I can’t recall any more details than you have already, though 🙁

    • Emma, thank you :). Do you happen to recall any other stories in the book that may help me find Harum? Or any small details of how the book looked or maybe year it was published? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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