299K: Naughty Boy Who Runs Away in a Tote Bag (Solved)

I read this book in the mid-80s; It’s either a picture book or a young reader book.

I think it may have been from a Scholastic/other company book order from submitted through school. I think (I don’t know why I think this) it may have been translated into English, possibly from a Scandinavian language.

I  believe it was about a kind of naughty little boy; his mother was always exasperated with him, but she made it clear to him she loved him no matter what.

He got into all sorts of trouble, including, I think cutting a wolf’s fur with scissors. As drawn, the little boy had bright yellow hair.

The most vivid thing about the book from my memory is a single ┬áscene and an illustration of that scene: the little boy was running away from home, and he did so by taking a bag– a sort of tote bag– of his mother’s, cutting some holes in the bottom, and climbing in. His legs and feet stuck out of the holes, but none of the rest of his body is visible. In the picture, you see the bag with legs running down a little path or road.

I’ve been searching for this book for a while. I remember my mother and i finding it very entertaining and sweet, and would love to know what it is.

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  1. This is called The Wild Baby by Barbo Lindgren and illustrated by Eva Eriksson. adapted from the Swedish by Jack Prelutsky in a Scholastic edition copyright 1980 original and 1981 English version. ISBN 0-590-33363-1 I picked this up at a thrift store on a whim and my kids love it!

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