305Z: Beavers Walk into the Woods

Children's picture book for the 4-6 year old range. Two or three beavers go hiking in the woods and get lost. It gets dark and possibly stormy they find a house and settle in then more animals start showing up looking for shelter. There is a cute catchphrase every time a new animal comes in like "who's there". Then at the end the owner of the house is a bear and all the animals are scared but of course he is friendly and makes them dinner possibly soup! Favorite children's book when I was young and I cannot find it anywhere and have had zero luck on Google! I would love to read this to my kids before they outgrow it!

5 thoughts on “305Z: Beavers Walk into the Woods

  1. I’ve read this too…unfortunately, I can’t remember the title either. I think it was a Japanese author though, and I thought the first name was something like Keiko or Kazuko, but my best efforts don’t reveal anything. It almost looks like

    I think my library may still have the book, so I’ll look and try to find it!

  2. I wonder if it was one of the Mr Bear books by Chizuko Kuratomi? They were published in the 70s. I have “Mr Bear Goes to Sea” and haven’t seen any of the others, but there are a few images of the cover art at the following link and you could see if it looks familiar. The smaller characters are usually rabbits rather than beavers, I think.


    There’s a list of other titles here (a Google result): https://g.co/kgs/ESNZdP

  3. Augh! I know this one too, our public library has it but I can’t think of the title! I believe it starts with two rabbits, and it’s getting foggy as well as dark. The bear’s cabin is very rustic, with lots of clues that a bear lives there. The drawings don’t have much color to them, mostly done in a light brown. The little animals are all hiding in the bear’s bed, and I think one of them remains completely passed out through every scary knock on the door. And yes, the dinner is soup!

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