309D: Each hut being a different emotion

Blue greenish background, with ground at the bottom, plants growing up. A figure/person  just right of the center, facing right. Title at the top, red lettering(maybe with some vine like font) 

Two lead characters, both boys, roughly the same age go from their world to a fantasy realm through some sort of door where they have the option of becoming a warrior type, magician/wizard type, and third on I can’t remember. One boy chooses a Warrior class the other is Wizard/Magician, can’t remember the specific name. The end goal is to get to a crystal city of sorts. There they fight a shadow version of themselves. Warrior boy is Asian(has Asian sounding name just can’t remember it), lives in the slums. Other kid is white, rough home life, if I’m remembering correctly. I remember at the beginning, one if the first person the Warrior boy(Asian name) comes across is an old man who lives in 12 different huts. Each hut being a different emotion. When he goes to another hut, he is the most extreme version of that emotion. I think it only talked about happiness, anger, and sadness.


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